"We've been working with Intralink in Japan for two and a half years and in China for six months. We value their tenacity, professionalism, and not at least the consistency. We are seeing good results out of Japan, and whilst the early signs in China are positive, it's early days.

"When we first started to work with Intralink in Japan we greatly benefitted from their methodical, almost consulting-style analysis which led into a well-structured business development effort. My previous experiences of setting up local sales offices in Japan and China has been very hit and miss, and recruiting locals is a tricky business to get right. Intralink's business model overcomes many of the issues I've faced in the past. Working with Intralink has helped us build good long-term relationships in Japan, as good as we could ever have done ourselves. I'll give them full marks on both business development and account management, which is rare even for any in house sales team."

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