"Firstly, Intralink enabled us to have an immediate physical presence in Korea, at exactly the time we needed it. In less than a week we had started sales activities, and this proactivity and flexibility was a clear demonstration of the commitment of the team. I particularly appreciate Intralink's methodology and consistency: an initial learning phase followed by a three month report and regular conference calls. Every meeting is precisely documented and next steps are consistently proposed. This allowed us to be in control of the sales process right from the beginning.

One unique strength of Intralink lies in their people: an in-depth understanding of Korean culture and a highly proactive attitude. Working as a team means they have many years combined experience of the Asian markets enabling us to analyze precisely the status of each opportunity and define next steps accordingly. All in all, Intralink supports and drives our sales activities with high ethics and commitment, from lead generation right through to deal closure."

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