Sales and Licensing

We develop and implement strategies to sell and license our clients’ products, technologies and intellectual property to customers in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Through our award-winning Surrogate Sales Program™, we have an unrivalled track record of closing deals and delivering new and incremental revenues.

Surrogate Sales Program™

The Surrogate Sales Program™ is a proven and practical way for our clients to accelerate the time to revenue by establishing an immediate in-market presence. The three-stage approach reduces cost and risk by allowing companies to validate the opportunity, gain practical insight, and generate revenues before committing to an investment in a local entity or a tie-up with a local partner.

Stages 1-3 of the Surrogate Sales Program™

The program is managed by our teams of experienced, bilingual business development managers based in our offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei. We take ownership and control at each stage of the program, from validating the commercial opportunity and developing the strategy, to closing the deals and managing the client’s “break-out” to a local entity or partnership.

The Surrogate Sales Program™ offers the benefits of immediacy, transparency and scalability without the costs or risks of setting up and operating a dedicated operation.

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