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16 June 2011

Intralink CEO Greg Sutch named in world’s top 250 IP strategists

London, UK — In recognition of Intralink’s contribution to the development and implementation of IP strategies in Asia, Intralink CEO Greg Sutch was today named in the IAM Strategy 250: the World’s Leading IP Strategists, a unique publication identifying individuals whose key skill-set is working with intellectual property (IP) owners to help them maximise the value of their IP.

Over the course of five months, IAM (Intellectual Asset Management) researchers spoke to a wide-range of leading IP professionals in order to identify people considered to be world-class IP strategists. Only those individuals considered and nominated by their peers to be outstanding IP strategists are listed in the IAM Strategy 250.

“Many people call themselves IP strategists, but far fewer have a track record of helping to devise and implement successful IP strategies.” says Joff Wild, the editor of IAM. “Those featured in the IAM Strategy 250 really do have the skill-sets and the experience.”

Sutch added: “For many years western patent owners have been looking to monetize their assets in Asia – first in Japan, but increasingly in Korea, Taiwan and now China – with varying degrees of success. I am very proud that for over 20 years Intralink has consistently created value for our clients’ technologies through a variety of sales and licensing models. Our clients span many sectors including Mobile, Cleantech, Electronics, Biotech, and Enterprise Software – but in nearly all cases it is their intellectual property which is their most important asset, and that’s why it’s important to get the IP strategy right from the start - particularly in Asia.”

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