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12 April 2010

Intralink opens for business in South Korea, offers complete suite of market access and business development services

Oxford, UK — Intralink Limited, the leading provider of low-risk, high-impact market access and business development services to companies targeting opportunities in Japan, mainland China and Taiwan, has established a permanent presence in South Korea by opening an office in the capital Seoul. Intralink will offer its complete suite of services, including its signatureSurrogate Sales Program™.

“Many of our existing clients have been asking us to replicate our Japan and China-based services in South Korea,” said CEO Gregory Sutch. “By establishing an office in Seoul, we will be able to support these and other companies to gain a foothold in the market, and to leverage the benefits of a local presence to accelerate the execution of strategies and the generation of Korea-sourced revenues.”

With a population of 49 million – just shy of England’s 51 million – and the second highest per capita GDP in Asia, South Korea has a large and affluent consumer market. Equal to that, South Korea is Asia’s third largest exporter and home to a list of global brand owners which represent important prospective customers for European and North American companies selling into the consumer electronics, communications, automotive and other key sectors. In 2009, South Korean companies LG and Samsung together took 33% of worldwide LCD TV sales, and in a recent report it was revealed that Apple’s new iPad tablet computer contains many parts made by South Korean companies.

Since 1990 Intralink has worked with over 200 companies to develop and implement strategies in China and Japan. The company offers a range of pre- and post-entry market services, as well as its Surrogate Sales Program™, a cost-effective and transparent way for companies to gain access to new markets. Intralink works across a variety of industry sectors and among its clients has many leading-edge, venture-funded technology companies, as well as global players such as Corning, BT, QinetiQ, Stanley Works and others.

Jay Winship, Intralink’s newly-appointed Director in Korea, said, “We understand the many challenges that face foreign companies targeting the Korean market with B2B or B2C models, but we are confident that our Surrogate Sales Program™, which has proven its effectiveness in neighbouring countries like China and Japan, will provide our clients with the facility and tools they need to gain traction and succeed in this important and growing market.”

About Intralink: Intralink provides low risk, cost effective and accelerated market access to Greater China and Japan. The company's core service – the Surrogate Sales Program™ – provides a facility for companies to generate revenues to the point where there is an economic and practical case for investing in a local company or committing to a strategic partnership. Intralink was established in 1990. The company has its head office in the UK, project offices in Tokyo, Shanghai,Taipei and Korea, and sales offices in the United States, France, Spain and Finland.

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