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19 May 2017

Valuenex announces new partnership

Valuenex Japan, Inc. ("Valuenex") and Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. ("MUMSS") have announced a business partnership to incorporate Big Data analytics into research reports released by MUMSS. 

The business partnership will add value to MUMSS’s research reports, providing evidence-based insight through the merging of Valuenex’s technical trend analysis of Big Data and MUMSS’s corporate and market information and analytical techniques.
In addition to cooperating on the analyses of company-specific cases, Valuenex and MUMSS will work together to release long-range market- and industry-specific reports based on multi-dimensional analyses from both technical and market perspectives.
Intralink, the leading provider of business development services to companies targeting new markets, is working with Valuenex to support its expansion into the UK and Europe. Huw Thomas, Intralink's Vice-President of Business Development, said: “This announcement serves not only to raise Valuenex’s profile in new and existing markets, but underlines the high regard with which its analytical tools are held in the IP, Big Data and research fields. This is an important milestone as Valuenex builds on its success in Asia and embarks on the next phase of its international growth in the UK and Europe.”

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