Opportunities exist to license your technology and sell your products to the global automotive OEMs and component suppliers in Japan, Korea, and China, and to establish local manufacturing in China to create a supply base for the domestic market as well as the greater APAC region.

We have worked with a wide range of mechanical and electronics-based technologies, from next-generation hybrid systems using light-weight electric motors, advanced turbo chargers and energy recovery systems, to emission control technologies, vibration control materials and connected car solutions. More recently, we have been working with the full spectrum of technologies that will enable fully autonomous vehicles.

We have extensive contacts throughout the industry and have successfully concluded licence deals with Japanese and Korean OEMs and component suppliers, set up WFOE and joint venture manufacturing in China underpinned by revenues generated through our Surrogate Sales Program™, and secured Asian partners for western companies seeking distributors, investors and buyers.


Automotive Component Supplier

The Brief

This UK-based manufacturer of automotive clamps appointed Intralink to initiate sales in China as a way to underpin an investment in a local manufacturing facility.

The Approach

The company understood that to develop a long-term and sustainable business in China it needed to localise its manufacturing, but to justify the investment it needed to secure local customers. Over a period of two years, Intralink approached the leading manufacturers of turbochargers while at the same time assessing the strategic and partnership options to localize manufacturing.

The Outcome

Intralink helped the company to conclude a joint venture with a local manufacturer near Shanghai, but not before securing commitments and orders from local customers worth over 15 million dollars. In so doing, we were able to substantially reduce the client's risk in investing in its Chinese manufacturing operation.

our sector specialists

Richard Lyle
Richard Lyle
Automotive specialist

Richard Lyle has broad experience in the Japanese automotive sector and has worked with most of the large OEMs and their associated suppliers. He has overseen projects to sell components and license new technologies for both on- and off-highway vehicles, including next generation electrical motors, fuel efficient gear transmissions, specialist clamping systems designed to reduce harmful emissions, advanced DPF cleaning equipment, and software to help automotive engineers manage and select new materials. He has a well established network of senior contacts across the industry.

Tommy Shiekman
Tommy Shiekman
Automotive specialist

Tommy Shiekman has directed market opportunity assessments and sales initiatives in the Chinese automotive sector and has extensive contacts with vehicle OEMs (passenger, new energy, commercial, and off-highway), multiple tiers of the supply chain, and government and regulatory bodies.

On behalf of a tier-2 specialist supplier, Tommy negotiated and set up a local manufacturing JV underpinned by multi-million dollar contracts with Chinese tier-1 customers. He has conducted extensive market research and sales initiatives for next generation energy vehicles and clean technologies.

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