Sell and license your products

Sales and Licensing

Intralink manages sales, licensing and investment programs for companies wishing to enter new markets in East Asia. Whether you want to sell your products, license your technology or invest in a local operation, we will work with you to develop and manage a program to achieve your commercial objectives.

Our Surrogate Sales Program™ is a three-stage approach that enables you to establish an immediate presence in the market without the upfront costs of investing in a dedicated operation. Acting for and as you in the local market, we will validate the opportunity and implement your strategy. We will engage potential partners, generate customer leads, and help you secure your first deals.

When you are ready, we will help you invest in a long-term strategy by setting up a local company, forming a joint venture, or partnering with local distributors. We will help you obtain the necessary registrations, recruit local staff and appoint the most suitable service providers.

Intralink's Surrogate Sales Program™ is a proven, practical and cost-effective solution to building your business in Asia. To learn more about how we can help you sell, license or invest in Asia, email or call one of our offices in Europe, the United States or Asia.

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