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Charles Cielo

Charles Cielo
Project Director, Japan
Charles has technical training in gene expression system development, transgenic animal technology and structural biology. Prior to Intralink, Charles worked on an IT project for a multinational Pharma while working on his PhD. As part of the Intralink Life Sciences group, he has worked on market evaluation and pipeline licensing of biologics (DNA/peptide vaccine & antibody technologies) - successfully unearthing a multimillion-dollar licensing opportunity with a major Japanese Pharma in 2014. He has conducted business development for clients providing kits/services in ADME/DMPK/Toxicology and biocatalysis process engineering. He has worked on Healthcare-related IT projects and identified distributors for peripheral vascular system medical devices and analytical laboratory equipment.

Outside the Life Sciences, Charles has also done business development in the video game, display/control electronics, automotive infotainment and inkless printing industries.

Charles has a Master's Degree in in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Nagoya University. He has studied and worked in Japan since 2000, and is fluent in Japanese.

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