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Tommy Shiekman

Tommy Shiekman
Business Development Director, North America
Tommy has worked in and with China for the majority of his career. He received a degree in East Asian Studies from Dickinson College, during which time he spent a year at Peking University studying Chinese. After graduation he moved to Shanghai and worked in China from 2007-2016.

Tommy joined Intralink in 2010 and became a Project Director in 2014. He has managed and directed client initiatives in the automotive, consumer electronics, software, clean energy, and IP licensing sectors, and has closed on behalf of his clients direct sales and licensing deals worth millions of dollars. He also led Intralink’s Government Services business in Greater China.

Tommy moved to San Jose, California in 2017 as Intralink's Business Development Director, North America to promote Intralink's services to North America-based technology companies.

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