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Sustainability & community support

Intralink is dedicated to supporting our local community, embracing sustainability and promoting a healthy, diverse and prejudice-free corporate culture.

Our global teams care about the planet

We proactively identify and implement ways to reduce our carbon footprint - at work and at home.

Our colleagues in Asia, Europe and North America have formed a committee to find simple-yet-impactful ways to reduce emissions, such as banning one-time-use cups and utensils and sourcing local paper, food and beverages for the office. The goal is to at least halve the CO2 cost of running 14 global offices.

Since 2019, our management team has drastically reduced its international travel. Yes, the pandemic has forced our hand, but the results were astonishing and well-worth sticking with for good.

We support charities

Homeless Oxfordshire (, which works alongside other organisations to provide life-changing services for homeless people in Oxfordshire. Homeless Oxfordshire’s aim is to provide swift, effective, creative and lasting responses to transform the lives of people who find themselves homeless. The charity manages refuges, enabling homeless people to find and sustain stable housing. 

The Abingdon Bridge (, which supports young people aged 13-25 with issues such as drug and alcohol addiction, diet and lifestyle, anxiety and stress, family issues, mental health and self-harming. The organisation aims to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to realise their potential, and it does this through community based outreach projects and delivering issue-based advice and guidance through workshops, group work and 1:1 sessions.

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