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Want to grow your business in Asia? Looking to sell your products or license your technology into China, Japan, South Korea or Taiwan? Keen to establish a sales operation on the ground?

Our three-stage Surrogate Sales Program™, delivered by our teams based across East Asia, will give you an immediate market presence without the up-front costs of opening your own operation.

Firstly, we’ll do the research to validate your commercial opportunity. Next, we’ll implement an effective sales strategy – generating leads and winning your first deals for you. 

Then, when you’re ready, we can help you establish a long-term presence, such as your own subsidiary or a local partnership.

The current COVID-19 travel restrictions are no barrier to our sales activities because our people are based in Asia and so able to meet your target customers and partners, where necessary bringing you in via video conference to cement the deals.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you grow your revenues in Asia.

Sales & Licensing

"Our collaboration with Intralink has been crucial for Sagacious to set up a strong base in Japan before we could run a Tokyo office of our own."

Tarun Kumar Bansal - President, Sagacious IP

Client stories

Technology:LTE Protocol Stack
Targets:Wireless chip design companies
Results:Signed two customers & concluded a partnership with VeriSilicon

NextG-Com was new to China and needed to get some licencing deals in order to boost its value.

In the first two months Intralink licenced its protocol stack to a local wireless ASIC company, and a local startup before signing a partnership agreement with VeriSilicon. 

NextG-Com was acquired by Arm shortly after.

LTE protocol stack

"Intralink helped us nurture leading prospects, articulate the value proposition, and navigate the complex path from MOU through to deal closure. We have now secured the world’s first femtocell deployment with Softbank."

Richard Staveley – VP Global Sales, Ubiquisys

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