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Virtual Support

With current travel restrictions in place, do you need a physical presence on the ground to identify, support and manage partners in Asia? Are you an Economic Development Organisation that needs to drive a programme of Trade Missions or VIP visits? Or perhaps you have an existing Asia operation but are in need of corporate governance or support for local staff, suppliers or key accounts? 

With our bilingual teams based across the region, you don‘t need to travel. We will identify, qualify and manage customers and partners on your behalf. If you are arranging a visit or trade mission, we will identify, meet and qualify prospects face to face, then arrange web meetings for you to build the relationships and hold commercial discussions. If you are already present in the region, we will improve your results by managing existing in-country relationships while developing new ones. 

Please get in touch to learn more about how Intralink can provide virtual support for your business in Asia.

Virtual Support

"The work that your team in China has done for us over the last few years has been exemplary."

Gordon Aspin – CEO, Cognovo

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