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Intralink helps companies grow their businesses by managing sales, licensing and investment programs in Asia. We identify opportunities, engage potential customers and partners, and develop and execute go-to-market strategies. Through our team of over 70 full-time people, we offer a low risk, cost effective and practical means to enter new markets, generate new and incremental revenues, and establish an in-country presence.


Can Korea lead the drone market?

The Korean government has recently announced plans for Korea to become a global leader in the commercial drone market. To kickstart growth, the government is relaxing regulations and actively developing the market through research grants and public-private partnerships worth more than $400m.

Whilst Korea's ambitions are clear, they recognise the need for support from foreign technology providers if they are to compete on a global scale. To read more about Korea's plans visit our latest blog.

Careers at Intralink

Intralink works for global and ‘globalising’ companies targeting markets in East Asia. Our clients include venture-backed startups with world-leading technologies, successful self-funded SMEs, large enterprises and government organisations. Our teams in Asia become the first ‘boots on the ground’ for our clients entering these markets, working to identify and secure commercial opportunities across a range of sectors. We come from countries all over the world but have several things in common: we are fluent in English and one of Chinese, Japanese or Korean; we are passionate about Asia, innovation and international business; and we are driven to succeed.

We are currently hiring for full-time positions in Japan, Korea and China, and have a limited number of positions for interns. Applicants must have business-level fluency in spoken and written Mandarin, Japanese or Korean and native or near-native fluency in English.

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