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Northeast Asia is now one of the most connected parts of the world with Korea leading the globe for smartphone penetration, China having the largest number of internet users, and China and Japan being two of the top four countries for e-commerce spending and online ad buying. The region represents an important target and major opportunity for western digital media and e-commerce companies looking to expand their business globally. Intralink has worked with a broad range of offerings – from programmatic advertising platforms, indoor location technologies and content recognition solutions, through to website builders, game developers and online retailers.

We have senior and working level contacts inside the major e-commerce companies, internet service providers, data centres, digital marketing agencies, gaming companies, advertising agencies and media reps across the region. Working in a business development capacity, we have secured revenue-generating partnerships with major agencies, programmatic platforms, and online resellers.


Programmatic advertising solutions

The Brief

This UK developer of programmatic advertising solutions was working remotely with one of Korea's largest consumer brands. However, it recognised the need for a local presence to build its profile in the market and engaged us to act as its Korea representative office with a view to driving its business on the ground.

The Approach

Each Korean agency is closely linked to its own “chaebol” and it was important to navigate the path between commitment to existing customers, while maintaining distance from any particular conglomerate. Intralink engaged with the in-house marketing departments, ad agencies and media reps to present the value proposition while building an understanding of the market dynamics and right on-going strategy.

The Outcome

Intralink created pull in the market by evangelising within the brands and agencies, while securing a strategic partnership with a specialist marketing agency. This enabled the company to secure a local foothold and gain traction without being tied to one particular chaebol or market vertical. The company went on to be acquired by a global media organisation.

our sector specialists

David Royer
David Royer
Head of Digital Media

Prior to joining Intralink, David worked for several years for a traditional media agency focusing on launching foreign brands and products in Japan. Later, David worked for the Japanese branch of a French digital media company.

He has worked with all of the major traditional and digital agencies in Japan and is now overseeing adtech and digital media related projects for Intralink across the region.


“Intralink’s understanding of the market and ability to bridge the linguistic and cultural gap was a critical ingredient for us to expand into Asia. The warmth and commitment of the team has made this an easy and enjoyable project and we are delighted with the result."

Glenn Granger, CEO

Marketing QED


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