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We have sold and licensed materials, print and packaging technologies, manufacturing equipment and a wide range of industrial hardware and software into the Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets. We have also helped clients secure service contracts, establish manufacturing joint ventures, buy out local equity partners and acquire competitors and resellers in Asia.

We have experience across a broad range of industrial products and applications, from equipment for recording voyage data and materials for reinforcing concrete, to systems for control monitoring and foams for insulation in construction. Since 1990 we have built an impressive network of commercial and technical contacts inside Asia's leading industrial companies and organisations.


Advanced manufacturing

The Brief

This European manufacturer of automotive suspension components tasked Intralink with licensing its advanced manufacturing process to a tier-1 supplier in Japan.

The Approach

Intralink engaged the leading suppliers of rubber and polymer suspension components in Japan while at the same time creating “pull” for the client's technology by talking to key influencers inside the Japanese carmakers. Within six months, Intralink had secured evaluation agreements with three potential licencees to test and validate our client’s technology.

The Outcome

The client successfully concluded an agreement to sell finished components to one of the three potential licensees, and later secured a license and supply agreement under which the Japanese company adopted the client’s advanced manufacturing system and purchased its unique microcellular polyurethane material.

our sector specialists

Paul Dupont
Paul Dupont
Industrial specialist

Paul has worked with large OEM manufacturers such as Foxconn to assist clients understand the implications of applying different industrial processes during manufacturing in China to cut costs and reduce lead times. Additionally, Paul has spent considerable time selling high-tech solutions into traditionally low-tech markets and is well versed in the subtleties and importance of maintaining quality business relationships with Chinese customers.

Michal Witkowski
Michal Witkowski
Industrial specialist

Michal specialises in the industrial and material sectors, where he has successfully led projects from factory automation, manufacturing and material applications. He has a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements and of the strategic options available to companies entering both the manufacturing and construction sectors. He has conducted extensive market research and sales initiatives for manufacturing and automation clients, resulting in increases in sales as well as their market presence. His efforts also allowed for the first ever application of a next generation factory automation solution in Korea.


"Our only regret is not finding Intralink earlier. Their work has been recognised by all at Lotus as being flawless and it has been a pleasure to work with them."

Manel Da Silva, VP APAC


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