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For over 15 years Intralink has been working with European and American companies to monetise their intellectual property in Asia. In that time, we have secured license agreements with many of Asia's leading corporations through a strategy of non-litigious patent enforcement. We have done this across a range of technology sectors, including telecommunications, semiconductors, optoelectronics and displays. We have a strong working knowledge of patents and patent licensing and a broad network that extends into the senior echelons of the IP groups at the major manufacturers and operators in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.


Telecoms patent owner

The Brief

A UK-based patent owner appointed Intralink to manage its licensing programmes in Japan through the non-litigious enforcement of its intellectual property rights.

The Approach

Intralink worked to identify and qualify potential licensees and to prepare the essential collateral before engaging the target companies. Intralink secured meetings with senior managers at the IP departments of these companies, presented the relevant claims charts, and managed all aspects of the "licensing cycle" through to deal closure.

The Outcome

Over a period of several years, the patent owner successfully concluded fully paid-up licence agreements worth many millions of dollars with some of Japan’s best-known companies, including NTT, Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC. Intralink has secured similar deals for many of its other IP-related clients.

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William Jasprizza
William Jasprizza
Head of IPR

As the head of Intralink's IPR team, Will is responsible for the company's licensing, patent acquisition and technology transfer activities across Asia. His clients include American and European multinational corporations and SMEs, for whom he has closed many multi-million dollar agreements with leading Asian OEMs.

Will graduated with degrees in Science and Law from Sydney University and practised as a lawyer with a large Sydney law firm before moving to Japan in 1997.


"By working with Intralink, we successfully concluded licence agreements with NTT, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Oki and NEC. They have a strong commercial approach and are great people to work with."

Colin Hunsley, Director Commercialisation


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