Energy & Environment

We have worked with a range of energy and sustainability solutions, including grid management, energy storage systems, wind power, solar thermal and photovoltaics, hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysis technologies, and anaerobic digestion plants. For clients in this sector, we have successfully delivered opportunity assessments, developed and implemented go-to-market strategies, secured sales and licensing deals, supported fund-raising initiatives and sourced core materials and components from China.

We have senior and working-level contacts inside the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese utility companies, industrial OEMs, engineering firms, national and local government bodies, leading specialists in the energy and waste management fields, and local suppliers and manufacturers of materials and components.


Alkaline Fuel Cell Developer

The Brief

This British company tasked Intralink with securing the first commercial deployment of its industrial alkaline fuel cell technology.

The Approach

Intralink set out to understand the structure of the Korean fuel cell market, the competitive landscape, and the regulatory and policy environments. In consultation with our client, we then devised a strategy for Korea that differed from the client’s approach in other markets. We identified and built relationships with customers, partners and key stakeholders to raise awareness of the technology and drive its commercialisation.

The Outcome

Intralink secured a deal with two reputable local partners to build a 50MW fuel cell plant in Daesan, Korea. The project will be rolled out in stages and, once completed, is expected to generate revenues of approximately US $1bn over twenty years.

our sector specialists

Jonathan Cleave
Jonathan Cleave
Head of Energy & Environment

Jonathan Cleave specialises in the energy sector where he has led projects from conventional power plant services to flywheel ESS and thermoelectric waste-heat recovery systems. He has recently secured a large project to commercialise a British alkaline fuel-cell technology in Korea. He is writing his Ph.D. thesis on South Korean industrial policy in the new and renewable energy sector at Seoul National University.

Alexander Barton
Alexander Barton
Energy & Environment specialist

Alex specialises in the energy, renewables and transmission & distribution (T&D) sectors. He has provided western technology solutions to Chinese companies at different levels in the solar PV industry, worked with horizontal and vertical axis wind turbine manufacturers, secured R&D partners in the energy efficient lighting market, and researched opportunities for companies offering a variety of energy storage solutions, including supercapacitors, fuel cells batteries and flywheels. More recently, he has supported a European operator of anaerobic digestion plants to develop its strategy for the China market.

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