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Internship Program

Join a stimulating internship programme at an international business development consultancy specialising in Asia, and get a glimpse into the world of tech startups, international expansion and global open innovation.

Discover if you have what it takes to thrive in this fast-paced environment, and come out the other end with skills to open whole new career paths for you.

And who knows - maybe that career path is with us ...

Internship Program

What our interns say

I'm grateful for the experience with Intralink. I've learned more about international business in 8 weeks than in my whole previous life!

Alfie Ramsay, Europe

Interning at Intralink was a rewarding experience, offering me a platform to immerse myself in the world of international business and utilise my language proficiency in a professional setting. I now feel more confident to take on any future endeavours in the global market.

Nina Greaves, Asia

The internship really opened my eyes to all the possibilities in the workplace and how I am not limited to my university degree. I have developed my skills and knowledge and, most importantly, my confidence in tackling new challenges. I am grateful to be able to continue doing this at Intralink.

Ioana Bodean, Europe

The internship gave me a very hands-on experience in the tech industry, and helped me a lot with my academia as well as my chosen career path – influencing decisions about my future.

Sammi Yan, USA

I wouldn't be where I am without everything I gained from interning at Intralink. Super grateful and hope Intralink continues to succeed!

Alistair Law, Europe

Your internship program

What you'll be doing

  • You'll work under the mentorship of Intralink’s senior executives, and support their teams at every step of doing deals and growing the business

  • You'll contribute to strategy, sales, marketing and operations – and see your contributions play out in real life

  • You’ll work in a hybrid set-up: partly from the office, partly from home via email/Teams

  • Your programme will last about 300 work-hours, which you can complete in a full-time capacity or part-time

  • You’ll focus on concrete deliverables and tasks. At any given time, you’ll be juggling several projects so manage your time well!

  • You’ll carry out your projects alongside diverse teams and be introduced to many aspects of the consulting business

What you'll be getting

  • Multi-disciplinary, on-the-job experience working with western startups and Asian tech giants

  • A boost to your organisational, research, writing, communication and reporting skills

  • The chance to use state-of-the-art CRM and other business support IT systems

  • An opportunity to learn from best-in-class salespeople, marketers and business builders

What you'll need

  • Be currently enrolled in an academic program (undergratuate, graduate, etc.)

  • Excellent spoken and written English

  • At least advanced level Japanese, Mandarin and/or Korean

  • Interest in technology and international business

  • Demonstrable experience (even if just a little!) in research, sales and/or marketing

  • Strong computer skills - and we really do mean serious skills like writing complex formulas in Excel, using Boolean operators in Google, or editing/designing in Adobe Creative Cloud ...

So, if you're interested - and you think you're up for the challenge – apply below. 

Apply for this role

We’re keen to hear from you. Please fill in your details and submit your CV and cover letter and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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