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Innovation Network

Welcome to our Innovation Network, a global members’ club that connects international innovators with Asian corporates.

If you’re a sponsor of innovation - such as an investor, a university, an incubator or an accelerator - joining the Intralink Innovation Network will open up a world of commercial and investment opportunities with some of the largest corporates in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan.

It's completely free to participate and carries no hidden obligations. Join the Innovation Network today and we can work together to accelerate cross-region collaboration.  

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Innovation Network

Member benefits



The time when large Asian corporates could develop everything in-house has passed. To survive and thrive in today's fast-paced, tech-driven world, they must collaborate with startups, universities and other leading innovators from around the world.

Through the day-to-day activities of our teams in Asia, we know the challenges that corporates in the region are facing and where the opportunities lie for western startups. As a member of our Innovation Network, you will receive regular content from us, giving you valuable insight into the activities of companies like these.


We run dozens of innovation projects every year with Asian corporations – each with a set of specific technical and commercial requirements . Chances are that a company in your portfolio or an entrepreneur in your accelerator has what these Asian companies are looking for.

As a member of our Innovation Network, you will have access to corporate Asia's ‘shopping list’. And, if you see a match, we will help you make the connection – one that could lead to a collaboration, a commercial deal or an investment like the many we've done to date.


The Intralink Innovation Network is a two-way street: we will let our clients in Asia know what you are up to, as well.

We publish weekly newsletters in Japanese, Chinese and Korean highlighting key developments in the global innovation ecosystem, reaching thousands of corporate innovation leaders, R&D chiefs and new business development heads in Asia. And you or your companies could be featured.

You will also have the opportunity to get first-hand exposure, promoting yourself and your portfolio via our event series Talks@Intralink, which we stream from our offices in Tokyo.

How do I join?

There are no costs and no hidden obligations, so simply get in touch via the form below.

Some of our Innovation Network members

Want to know more?

Want to become a member? Or have some questions about how the Intralink Innovation Network operates?

Use the form to get in touch with Takuya Gamboni – our London-based manager responsible for our Innovation Network members.

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