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Innovation Network

Welcome to our global members’ club, connecting western innovators to Asian corporations.

If you’re a VC, an accelerator, a university or other organisation operating at the cutting edge of technology, joining the Intralink Innovation Network could open up a world of opportunities with enterprises in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan.

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Innovation Network

What do you get as a member?



into corporate Asia's growth strategy ...

The time when large Asian corporations could develop everything in-house has long passed. To survive and thrive in today's fast-paced tech world, they must collaborate with startups, scaleups, universities and experts across the globe. But there's much more to it than that. So, unless you're a fly on the wall in their HQ boardroom, you're in the dark ...

Allow us to help shed some light on the matter. Through 30+ years of bringing together western innovators and Asia's tech giants, we know exactly how the latter work and where the opportunities lie. As a member of our Innovation Network, you'll get exclusive content that'll give you deep insights into this, too.

Some of our corporate clients:


within our Asian corporate network ...

We run dozens of innovation projects every year with Asian corporations – each with a set of specific technology requirements and new business model ideas. Chances are, a company in your network has exactly what these Asian companies need.

As a member of our Innovation Network, you'll have exclusive access to corporate Asia's ‘shopping list’. And, if you see a match, we'll help you make the connection – one that could lead to a joint development programme, an investment, or an acquisition.

Some of the successful deals we have secured between western startups and Asian corporations:


via events, blogs & newsletters ...

The Intralink Innovation Network is a two-way street: we'll let our clients in Asia know what you are up to, as well.

We publish weekly newsletters in Japanese, Chinese and Korean highlighting key developments in the global innovation ecosystem, reaching thousands of corporate innovation leaders, R&D chiefs and new business development heads in Asia. And you could be featured in it, too.

You will also have the opportunity to get first-hand exposure, promoting yourself, your network and your services via our event series 'Talks@Intralink', which we stream from our Tokyo offices. Don't worry, we'll take care of all the localisation.

Some of our past events:

How do I join?

With no costs and no hidden obligations...

Get in touch via the form below and we'll sort out the rest. It's that simple!

Meet the Innovation Network members

Want to know more?

Want to become a member? Or have some questions about how the Intralink Innovation Network operates?

Use the form to get in touch with James Francis – our London-based Director responsible for our Innovation Network members.

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