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Fortune magazine has published an analysis of Chinese EV giant BYD’s push into the European market – including insights from our Head of Automotive, Daniel Kollar. 

Read about BYD’s prospects in Europe, including why Daniel 'thinks BYD’s success or failure in Europe comes down to two questions. “Firstly, can BYD convince customers to overcome reservations about purchasing from a Chinese auto brand? Secondly, can BYD offer superior value to a diverse range of potential EV consumers compared with its competitors?”’  (Subscription needed)

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Electronics industry publication EE News Europe has published a news story about our work to help Pragmatic Semiconductor – Europe’s best funded chip firm – to expand in Japan.

It explains what we’re doing for our new client and quotes their Foundry Product Commercial Director, Vincent Barlier, saying: “Intralink’s strong relationships and considerable experience in the market made them a clear choice for us as we look to accelerate our expansion and generate significant revenues in the region."

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The Times Logo

Our company’s business practices and environmental performance were profiled in a Sustainable Business supplement in The Times.

The article highlights that, although we stopped flying during the pandemic, instead of business taking a hit, the number of deals we were able to conclude in Asia for our clients significant increased. Read about how we’ve changed our services to be less dependent on business travel and how our CEO hopes other businesses will follow suit, alongside how other companies are changing the way they operate.

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The Scaleup Institute Logo

The Scaleup Institute has published a profile on our company, following an interview with our CEO Greg Sutch.

It takes a dual focus: exploring how we've grown our business since the early 1990s - and intend to take that further thanks to the recent investment in our firm by Mobeus - as well as the way we help our clients scale by expanding overseas.

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The Business Magazine Logo

The Business Magazine has run a story about our next phase of growth, backed by investment in our business by Mobeus Equity Partners. 

The editor writes "The investors were impressed by Intralink's unique model for helping western tech companies secure commercial deals with customers in Asia, as well as its innovation work for large corporates and trade work for national and regional governments."

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The Fintech Times Logo

The Fintech Times has profiled our appointment by the UK Government to run the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme to help British scaleups expand in Asia Pacific.

The publication says we are “committed to supporting organisations expanding into the region [and] place an emphasis on the delivery of tangible commercial results for eligible tech companies.”

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The Guardian Logo

The Guardian has taken a look at how we harness content marketing to demonstrate our specialism in Asian tech markets and build our business.

Featuring comments from our CEO Greg Sutch, it outlines the important role our blogs, news stories and Asia Pick of the Week bulletin play in our marketing. And it highlights our recent posts about Asia’s offshore energy, China’s agtech and South Korea’s hydrogen sectors as examples that have particularly resonated with our industry contacts.

The Guardian says: "From China to South Korea, US and European businesses are looking to make significant investments and seek out commercial partnerships in Asia. But with huge risks and rewards at stake, many are drawing on the knowledge and advice of business consultancies such as Intralink, which employs an army of experts in sectors from medical devices and semiconductors to renewable energy and agricultural technology."

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The Japan Times Logo

Richard Lyle, our Tokyo-based Head of Government Services, has been featured in a sustainability supplement in The Japan Times.

The article describes his role in helping western firms expand in Japan and western governments to secure Japanese investment. And it explores his focus on sustainability, with “Japanese companies looking to Europe for leadership on greentech," opening valuable commercial opportunities.

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The South East Business Insider Logo

Our CEO Greg Sutch took part in a roundtable discussion with other business leaders – organised by Insider Media. And South East Business Insider magazine has carried a two-page feature on the interesting discussion that took place.

Read how those who took part are going about scaling their businesses – addressing challenges including hiring and retaining talent, getting the right systems in place and managing international expansion.

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EE News Europe Logo

eeNews Europe - along with several other titles - has run a news story on our programme to help British ‘spatial intelligence’ pioneer SLAMcore grow its business in China and South Korea.

It quotes SLAMcore’s CEO, Owen Nicholson, saying: “Intralink gives us an important in-road to the critical markets where innovators are creating next generation products.”

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Technology Magazine Logo

Our China MD, Alex Barton, is quoted extensively in this in-depth feature in Technology Magazine on how western tech firms can break into the Chinese market.

Alex explains that, despite global trade tensions, "China remains a lucrative market for tech firms that take the right approach."

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Robotics & Innovation Logo

Insights on last-mile delivery developments from our automotive & mobility specialist Thomas Shiekman have been quoted in Robotics & Innovation magazine - in a feature which contrasts the cautious approach of the west with innovations being "ramped up" in Asia.

Read why ‘Asia represents a significant opportunity for western robotics developers in the burgeoning world of last-mile delivery … “And this isn't just science projects: goods are being delivered around China, Japan and South Korea every day by autonomous vehicles," according to Shiekman.'

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Verdict Logo

Will Jasprizza, MD of our Japanese operation, is quoted extensively in this article by global innovation magazine Verdict on Japan’s hottest tech trends as it moves towards ‘Society 5.0’.

He cautions that Smart Cities is currently more a buzzword than a commercial reality, but outlines how Japan is investing intensively in robotics, AI, digital health and more to address a shrinking workforce and ageing population – with plenty of opportunities for western tech firms.

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The Successful Founder Logo

Our Chairman James Lawson was profiled in The Successful Founder magazine - reflecting on Intralink's origins and the highs and lows he’s encountered in the 30 years since. Read how the catalyst for starting the company was a bet, why James used to keep a bike hidden down a Tokyo alleyway, his take on the company's biggest achievements and challenges to-date and his top tips for entrepreneurial success.

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BBC Sounds Logo

The BBC’s Business Daily radio programme took a look at the rise of China as a tech powerhouse, with broadcaster Rory Cellan-Jones interviewing our CEO, Greg Sutch (from 12 mins on).

Hear what Greg tells western tech firms to watch out for, and why he ultimately advises them to embrace China more as an opportunity than a threat.

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The Retail Gazette Logo

Retail Gazette has run a feature on the Japanese market, based on insights from our Tokyo-based retail sector specialist, Heidi Salmela. It gives an interesting overview of the market’s growth areas, its challenges and the opportunities in the country for western retailers. Read about the trends, and why Heidi advises that, in Japan, “having a good product or service is not enough anymore.”

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Infrastructure Investor Logo

Micah Hostetter from our Shanghai Energy & Environment Practice is quoted at length in Infrastructure Investor's feature on 'China's $6.4tr energy transition.' He delves into the trends and opportunities in China's energy sector, saying: "Electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles are the future of mobility in China and will require massive investment in charging infrastructure, hydrogen generation and distribution. ... I'm optimistic China will become one of the first countries in the world to successfully build a hydrogen economy."  

(Free registration needed to read)

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H2 View Logo

Industry specialist publication H2 View published a news article on our market intelligence report on the hot business opportunities in South Korea's hydrogen economy. Find out why the country’s hydrogen market is set almost to double in size to £17.3bn by 2030.

(Subscription needed to read the full piece).

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Business & Management (magazine from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) ran a cover story on how countries are emerging from COVID-19 lockdown - with insights from our Head of Asia, Jeremy Shaw, into how China, Japan and South Korea have pulled through and boosted their economies.

'"The Chinese economy experienced a short-term setback, but it's been less pronounced than many expected. The country’s companies are amazingly resilient, and many found ways to continue working despite the restrictions.”

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The Retail Gazette Logo

Retail Gazette ran an interesting feature on opportunities for western retailers in South Korea - Asia's 4th biggest retail market - including commentary from our Seoul-based sector specialist, Dominika Kustosz-Lee.

“Any western brand looking to find a route to Korean customers would be wise to partner with an established Korean brand.”  Find out what else Dominika and the other experts quoted had to say.

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