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Looking to sell your solution into the Asian utility companies? Need to partner with local engineering firms? Or perhaps you are keen to secure licensing or joint development agreements with the industrial or battery OEMs in the region?

Intralink has worked with a broad range of renewable energy and sustainability solutions, including energy storage systems, hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers, industrial gases, battery and supercapacitor materials, wind and solar power technologies, as well as water treatment solutions and anaerobic digestion plants. 

We have a large network of senior contacts throughout the industry and have secured multiple joint development and licensing agreements.

If you'd like to discuss how we could help build your business in the region, please get in touch:

Energy & Environment


Europe: Alex Gover  |    |  |  +44 (0) 7771 900525

North America: Oren Bernstein  |    |  |  +1 (408) 438 3248

"Intralink have done an amazing job in making this partnership possible. I’ve particularly valued their commercial acumen and understanding of how to do business in Korea."

Phil Caldwell – CEO, CERES Power

Client stories

Technology:Solid oxide fuel cells
Targets:Korean energy multinationals
Result:US$ 57M deal with Doosan

Ceres, a British company specialising in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology, already had a Korean partner. But the relationship was a difficult one and progress was slow.

We decided to take a different approach, focusing on potential new partners with a greater appetite and technical capacity to develop fuel cell products. 

We identified an opportunity with Korea’s largest fuel cell player, Doosan, and ultimately enabled Ceres to license its technology to Doosan in a series of deals worth USD 57 million.

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Fuel cells

"In 30 years’ chemical industry experience, I’ve never seen a company start from scratch and achieve such impressive results in a short amount of time."

Dillan Fernando – CCO, Utility Global

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