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Corporate Development

We provide hands-on support to help Asia's biggest companies future-proof their businesses by developing and executing global innovation and investment strategies.

Perhaps you're looking to raise your productivity, hit ambitious carbon reduction targets, or increase your sales through the creation of new businesses.

Whatever your goals, our on-the-ground specialists will help you transform your business by collaborating with the most innovative tech startups, universities, investors and others in Europe, North America and Asia.

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Corporate Development

A vital element of our work in this field is conducted through the Intralink Innovation Network – our members’ group comprising many of the world’s most innovative universities, incubators, accelerators and VCs.

These pioneering organisations play a key role in enabling Asian corporations to re-engineer their businesses. If you're one of them, feel free to sign up.

Our services include:

Market research

Whether it’s to sell your products, source ideas or collaborate with partners, we’ll research your opportunities in Europe, North America or southeast Asia.

We’ll help you size up the market potential, understand your competitors, assess the innovation ecosystem and identify local partners and customers. Where necessary, we’ll also help you secure licences and regulatory approval.

Innovation strategy

If you're facing a shrinking home market, acute labour shortages, growing competition and pressures to digitise and decarbonise, we will work with you to develop a global innovation strategy to address these challenges and more. 

Together, we'll find ways to make your operations cleaner and more efficient, improve your productivity, create new lines of business and position your company for long-term success.

Technology scouting

The problem is rarely insufficient information – it’s usually too much! How do you assess the thousands of ideas, technologies and startups to pick those that best match your needs?

By drawing on our Innovation Network, our teams in North America, Europe and Asia will identify and engage the most suitable, cutting-edge companies for you to collaborate with, invest in or acquire.

In-country support

What do you do if you have a global innovation strategy but no one in Europe or America to execute it?

We'll provide you with the on-the-ground support to engage your innovation partners and manage the conversations, evaluations and negotiations. We’ll perform all the functions of your own innovation team - with a laser focus on delivering real results.

If you'd like to discuss your innovation programme, get in touch.

"Intralink has been indispensable in helping us host our annual Open Innovation contest in 15 cities worldwide. The strength of their sourcing ability is unparalleled."

Kotaro Zamma, Head of Open Innovation and Business Incubation - NTT DATA

Client stories

Challenge:Understand the European cashless ecosystem
Targets:Fintech startups, VCs, research institutions and government bodies
Results:Comprehensive report and innovation strategy recommendations

Japanese IT giant Fujitsu appointed us to support their innovation programme to explore new fintech business models and technologies. We were asked to identify and facilitate discussions with some of the top European startups and partner organisations in the space.

We used our extensive network to secure face-to-face meetings for Fujitsu and its partners – over a four-day visit – with 14 organisations in the UK, Germany and Denmark.

At the end of the visit, we organised a panel discussion with UK fintech industry experts. We also facilitated one-on-one workshops to help the client delegation zero-in on consumer trends and opportunity areas in the 'cashless society' in order to refine its innovation strategy further.

Cashless payment ecosystem

"Both the UK and Japan-side members of the project team were strong communicators and well-versed in the thought processes and business customs of Japanese corporates."

Seigo Kato, Operating Officer - Nikkei Media Marketing

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