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About Intralink

We're a business development consultancy specialising in international growth. We help:

  • Scaling companies to expand in Asia, Europe and North America
  • Corporates to innovate through cross-border collaboration
  • Governments to grow their exports and attract foreign direct investment

With 140+ employees, a 34-year track record and 15 offices across three continents, our mission is to accelerate your innovation, growth and green transition through cost-effective, results-driven global engagement. 

We’re proud winners of the UK's prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise and America's President's E Award for Export Service for helping companies grow their businesses overseas.

About Intralink

"Our vision is a world where every commercial opportunity is within your grasp, and where cross-border collaboration delivers a more prosperous, sustainable society."

Greg Sutch – CEO, Intralink

What we do

Whether your goal is to grow your sales, attract investors or reduce your carbon emissions, engaging with international markets is essential, complex and challenging. But we can help you.

Our multilingual teams are immersed in the business practices, cultures and customs of their local markets.

If you're a business with ambitions for international growth, we'll do more than develop your overseas expansion strategy: we'll play a hands-on role in its execution. We'll close deals for you, secure partnerships and generate revenues. And, when you're ready, we'll help you set up your own in-country presence through a local subsidiary, joint venture or acquisition.

If you're a corporate facing disruption from new technologies or market entrants, we'll help you future proof your company. We can work with you to create new business, develop your global innovation and investment strategy, and forge the global partnerships you need to transform your organisation for the years ahead.

And, if you're an organisation responsible for promoting economic development, we'll work with you to create new jobs and generate prosperity by growing your region's exports and attracting foreign investors. 

Our focus

As well as being experts in our markets, our teams specialise in the fastest-growing sectors – such as mobility, energyhealthcare and e-commerce – and in the latest, transformative technologies.

We do this to address the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges, while achieving commercial success for our clients. 

Our clients

Our clients are organisations of all sizes – from scaleups and SMEs to multinational corporations and national and regional governments.  

They appoint us because of our:

  • on-the-ground presence
  • extensive business connections and
  • unrivalled market knowledge

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you expand your business.

Some of the organisations we sell to

“Without Intralink, there would have been no deal.”

Claus Nielsen – Head of International Business, Hamleys

Supporting communities

Intralink is dedicated to supporting our communities, embracing sustainability and promoting a healthy, diverse and prejudice-free corporate culture. Read about how Intralink engages in Corporate Social Responsibility

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