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Our Story


Established in 1990, our business has evolved from a one-person organisation – our founder, James Lawson – to more than 140 people and 15 offices across three continents.

Here are some pictures that chronicle our journey, together with some reflections from our chairman and CEO on the occasion of our 30th anniversary back in 2020.





Left: Intralink founder James Lawson in Japan – 1990. Right: James Lawson & Greg Sutch with early Japanese hosiery client Atsugi – mid 1990s

Left: Outside our first Tokyo office - 1998. Right: Greg Sutch (right) with London Contemporary Art in Japan – 1997

Representing Maersk Medical at a trade show in Japan - 1998

Left: Ski trip with Alcare - 1998. Centre: With Links of London CEO, John Ayton - late 90s. Right: Company pamphlet: lots of words and no images! 1999



Left: Tokyo office - 2001. Right: First global staff conference - the whole company in 2001! 

Signing a multi-million dollar deal to build the Tokyo Peninsula Hotel - 2001

Left: Greg Sutch with Chick Takemura - 2002. Right: Nine clients in Japan - 2002

Left: Business development must-haves - 2003. Right: Japan team offsite - 2005 

Left: Opening a bigger Tokyo office, with British Ambassador Graham Fry (centre) - 2005. Right: Early Shanghai team - 2008



Left: Team trip to Lijiang, China - 2010. Centre: Movember in China - 2012. Right: Japan team offsite - 2013

CEO Greg Sutch and China MD Elliot Billings finding new Shanghai offices – 2014

Left: Korean sign maker's bungled attempt at new office sign! 2015. Right: Opening our current Seoul office: Dep. British Ambassador Sue Kinoshita with our Korea MD, Jonathan Cleave – 2015

Left: China team members cycling around Alibaba HQ in Hangzhou - 2015. Right: Signing landmark deal for IndoorAtlas with Yahoo Japan - 2016

Our Dominika Kustosz-Lee and Adeel Ahmad meet South Korea's Deputy Speaker

Left: Korea team offsite - 2016. Centre: Opening our latest Tokyo office: British Ambassador Paul Madden with our CEO, Greg Sutch – 2018. Right: Opening Hamleys first Japanese stores - 2018

Management team offsite in Japan - 2018

Winning the Queen's Award in the UK - 2018 ... and the President's Award in the US - 2019

Left: Securing a £36m deal for Ceres Power in Korea - 2020. Right: Training up the next generation in China!





Left: British Ambassador Colin Crookes (centre) opens our new Seoul office – 2023. Right: Bring-your-child-to-work-day in Tokyo office – 2023

Our first reverse pitch event for the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme, with Aioi Nissay Dowa – 2023

Left: Tokyo team in their refurbished office – 2023. Right: Hard at work in our newly formed Singapore office – 2023

Left: Korea team’s Christmas auction for Oxfam – 2023. Centre: EMEA team at Christmas party – 2023. Right: Offsite in Kyoto for our China, Taiwan and Singapore teams – 2024

Left: Our booth at Nextrise 2024 in Seoul. Right: US team pick up our latest President’s award – 2024



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