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In recent years, East Asian economies have leapfrogged the rest of the world in terms of digital transformation. 
The logistics, retail and manufacturing sectors invest heavily in technologies such as cloud based IoT platforms and IoT security, AI/ML for predictive maintenance and operational efficiency, and XR and 3D modelling software for training, inspection and asset management.

Government-led smart city initiatives are in full swing, pairing these technologies with sensors and big data for better urban planning, traffic management, autonomous driving, renewables integration and EV/hydrogen fuelling. And municipalities need AIoT-based solutions to monitor critical infrastructure and improve public safety. 

Software & Cloud

Digital health, agriculture, education, banking, ecommerce and teleworking solutions are all in increasing demand as the region continues to tackle societal shifts.

But homegrown solutions are still few and far between, so many turn to western vendors for help.

We’ve worked with a wide range of software vendors and service providers in all these sectors, implementing business development and strategic partner strategies across Japan, China and Korea. If you'd like to discuss how we could help grow your business in the region, please get in touch:

Europe: Alex Gover  |    |

America: Oren Bernstein  |    |

"Intralink is the best kept secret in Silicon Valley."

Nina Smith – VP Sales, Fusion One

Client stories

Technology:EggplantAI-powered software testing automation tools
Targets:Distributors & resellers of testing tools & services
Results:Master distributor deal with Marubeni Information Systems

Eggplant appointed us to identify new revenue opportunities and expand its partner network in Japan. 

In just four months, we secured Marubeni Information Systems as its new local distributor, which greatly increased the firm’s profile and sales.

Over the next three years, we continued to manage and support Eggplant’s Japanese partner and distribution network, managing multiple conferences and events and helping close major deals.

Dev tool company

"The market insight, cultural understanding and language skills Intralink offer have helped us significantly increase our sales in the region."

George Mackintosh – CEO, TestPlant

Our Clients

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