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Since our establishment in 1990, we’ve worked with more than 1,500 companies across a wide range of sectors to develop opportunities overseas. Here's what they say about us.

The Intralink team did an amazing job on our trip to Tokyo. Without them, we would never have been able to get the kind of access to relevant, senior people or have such productive meetings. And they were great fun to spend a week with!

Stuart Ferguson


We’re excited about our collaboration with TRI-I. And Intralink has played a pivotal role in making it happen. The partnership will help us serve our customers in China and further promote our business expansion in the country. We look forward to taking big steps forward with our China presence.

Gregory Emmert

Commercial Director of Global Channels

In 30 years’ chemical industry experience, I’ve never seen a company start from scratch and achieve such impressive results in a short amount of time - especially with a brand new technology.

Dillan Fernando


Intralink demonstrates how to do everything right.

Will O'Toole


I can’t speak more highly of your team. Howard was super knowledgeable and got us into see the right people in all the key companies. You guys did an amazing job of organizing the visit and fully packed the schedule! I’d gladly recommend you to anyone looking to grow their business in China.

Trevor W. Brown

VP, Clinical Genomics

Japan is a key market for us outside of Europe and Intralink was instrumental in helping us to understand the market and consumer’s needs. The Intralink team worked closely with Avira to develop the business plan, get board approval, establish our subsidiary and set up all aspects of the operation. We set a release date of the Japanese version of our security software, and with strong project management from the Intralink team, we kept things on track and enjoyed a successful launch with wide local media coverage. Intralink highlighted issues unique to Japan which needed specific care and attention, strengthening the success we are now experiencing. I would be happy to recommend them for companies looking to enter the Japanese market.

Travis Witteveen

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

By working with Intralink, we successfully concluded licence agreements with Canon, Seiko Epson, Komatsu and Samsung.

Tim Pohlmann


We have worked with Intralink in Japan, China and Korea and they have been exemplary. As we expand into these markets, we have needed support at a variety levels, from regulatory and commercial to logistical and administrative, and their local teams have demonstrated the knowledge, experience and commitment to get the job done. To anyone targeting any or all these markets, I would recommend them without hesitation.

Tim Cowper


A big thank you for the enormous support that we have received from the Intralink team in China and Japan.

Ted Hof

Head of Sales, Kathrein Asia Pacific

Our one-year collaboration with Intralink has been crucial for Sagacious to set up a strong base in Japan before we could run a Tokyo office on our own. I’m satisfied with the progress we made with Intralink and am now confident to continue our success and growth journey there. I’m sure all our Japanese clients were extremely satisfied with the professional services provided by Will Jasprizza and Alecia Thomson at Intralink and I want to assure them of similar high quality and professional support going forward.

Tarun Kumar Bansal


It’s not an easy task for a start-up business to establish a sales operation overseas. It takes considerable time and knowledge to get it right and more often than not you get it wrong. We did not know Intralink before we worked with them in China, but they have been excellent. They produced a comprehensive summary of the market and the reseller options available to us; advised us on their recommended partners and then assisted us in reaching a final decision. They have extremely strong local language and communication skills and throughout the process they were professional and knowledgeable. They have been a pleasure to work with and considerably de-risk the process of selecting the right reseller partners for a new market.

Stuart Gall


Frontier Silicon has been working with Intralink in Japan since 2003 and the relationship has helped us significantly increase our sales in the Japanese audio market. Their team combines a high level of awareness of the cultural issues of selling into the Japanese market with very strong communications skills in the local language. We would recommend that any company looking to establish its business in Japan considers working with Intralink.

Steve Evans

VP Sales

We are working with Intralink on significant patent licensing deals, and they have proved to be a conscientious partner, delivering high quality reporting and key customer contacts in the Japanese technology sector.

Steve Callister


The Royal Opera House has worked with Intralink to assess the opportunities for our brand in Japan and in order to plan our expansion in that market. We have been hugely impressed with Intralink's in-depth knowledge of the market and their excellent contact network. The dedication, commitment, flexibility and pragmatism they brought to our project has made them fantastic partners to work with. We have benefitted hugely from our association with Intralink and we look forward to working with them for the long term.

Stephen Michael

Managing Director

I would like to thank your team for the excellent job delivered to date. I am very pleased with the outcome and the professional approach they exhibit. We definitely would like to maintain this fruitful partnership on the long run.

Stéphane Barges


Winning a big contract with an Asian hospital is no easy task at the best of times. And because of the depth of stakeholder liaison needed, it would have been impossible for us to have achieved remotely during the pandemic. That’s where Intralink’s teams on the ground in Seoul, Tokyo and Taipei are proving invaluable. They’re knowledgeable, well-connected and highly responsive – and we’ve just seen a fantastic first result from their persistence and hard work. This is just the beginning for us: they’ve got other significant potential deals in the pipeline and we’re making great inroads into these challenging but important East Asian markets.

Stephan Hettich

Head of APAC Business Development

I wanted to thank you guys and the complete Intralink team for the incredible help in entering the market first in China and now in Japan and Taiwan. In the beginning I was sceptical if this cooperation could be successful, but this has been the fastest, smoothest way for Elatec to get established in Asia. You can be sure, whenever we intend to start with the next country, Intralink will be our first choice.

Stefan Haetel


The Phase I report is a great piece of work—graphically clean, well-written, and with strong contacts identified. I sent it around internally as a great example.

State of Washington

International Trade Specialist

Thank you for all you did to make my recent trip to China a success. I am rarely in the position of not having to coordinate or arrange or be in charge. I never had a worry or a concern. You all made sure I was well taken care of.

State of South Carolina

Trade mission participant

Thank you very much for your detailed report. Your team has enhanced our position already and I look forward to working with your team for a long time.

State of Missouri trade client

I was extremely pleased with the help that Intralink provided to us in China during the trade mission. It really was a pleasure working with the team over there, and their assistance was invaluable. Fun people, too.

State of Colorado

Governor’s mission organizer

In my opinion, this work by Intralink was excellent; frankly much more helpful than I had anticipated. The fact that you interviewed so many potential partners for us is remarkable to me.

State of Colorado

Global Consultants Network China market research client CEO

Thank you for all your help with a smooth transition in Japan and Korea. Your team has been a great support and is a credit to your company – throughout our work together, going above and beyond what could be reasonably expected. Your commitment to client relations is commendable and I’m sure you’re rightfully proud of your people.

Simon Kenny


[the team] picked up a new product very quickly, really owned their mission, and did a fantastic job of representing Willow at a difficult time for all of us with the coronavirus preventing some “normal” means of communication… I’m looking forward to engaging with Intralink again to assess biotech opportunities in the Asian markets.


Simon J. Hickling, Ph.D.

SVP Business Development

We commissioned Intralink to find us a new overseas business intelligence partner. Both the UK and Japan-side members of the project team were strong communicators and well-versed in the thought processes and business customs of Japanese corporates.

Seigo Kato

Operating Officer

Intralink team, thank you all so much for your help. Everything went incredibly smoothly and everyone was extremely satisfied with their China experience. You were invaluable and great to work with.

Sandi Moilanen

Director, International Division, State of Colorado

I’d encountered Intralink in a previous role and was impressed. When it came to establishing UltraSoC’s Asian sales network I knew who to call. I have been very pleased with the support from Intralink. They combine sales drive, local market insight and an ability to understand our product and present it to best effect - strikingly so, given we are very technical. And, most importantly, they have delivered the results.

Rupert Baines


Intralink played a fundamental role in our licensing activities in Japan, where we successfully concluded licensing agreements with major corporations. Intralink market insights, senior relationships and professionalism through all the process were key factors for our success.

Rubén Bonet

President & CEO

The guys have been superb. Extremely knowledgeable, bright and hardworking. I couldn't ask for more.

Rotem Rave

VP Business Development

We have been working with Intralink now for almost two years. From our initial contact it became apparent that Intralink would be key to our business needs in Korea. From a zero base they quickly established a working portfolio of potential business opportunities that increased AFC’s awareness and profile in the market space. They are a highly polished and well-structured organization who take the time to understand and commit to its principals business and I would have no issue in recommending them as an Asian business partner.

Robert S. Kelly

Executive Manager, International Business Development

I’ve been working with Intralink since 2000 and it was a natural decision to hire their stellar team for a third time to drive Seismic’s market entry in South Korea and China. With China’s booming economy and South Korea leading industrial automation, both regions present huge opportunities for Seismic’s wearable robotic products. Intralink has the right blend of local market knowledge, customer contacts and technical expertise to help us expand our sales activity. Their reach also extends to investor relations, which is a big plus.

I’m excited to have Intralink at my side again to help Seismic establish its Powered Clothing as the standard for workplace safety in Asia.

Rob Palfreyman


Having done small amounts of business in China for a few years, we engaged Intralink to seek a lead distributor and help with a strategy to fully harness the opportunity of the market. They were successful in providing a number of targets and, following a supported market visit, we selected a Beijing based company. Once the new partner was identified we continued to work with Intralink who helped us in getting to a contract and subsequent operational and product set-up.

We could not have gone to this stage without Intralink and the support they provide at all levels, including of course language and culture but also solid business advice, and I highly recommend their services.

Richard Whalley

Managing Director

We chose Intralink to develop our business in Japan because of their unique ‘surrogate’ model, which gave us an immediate presence on the ground, a strong and experienced BD team, and complete flexibility and control. When we first started 4 years ago there literally was no market for femtocells anywhere in the world, let alone Japan. Intralink helped us nurture leading prospects, articulate the femtocell value proposition, and navigate the complex path from MOU through to deal closure. We have now secured the world’s first femtocell deployment with Softbank and this has underpinned the development of our whole business both in Japan and globally.

Richard Staveley

VP Global Sales

Intralink were indispensable. They had done the ground work so thoroughly that I was able to get the absolute maximium from my visit. I found out exactly what I wanted to know and developed a number of relevant leads for future business.

Rene Foulquies


Intralink have proved an excellent partner in Japan, enabling WD-40 to research a challenging and complex market. Their visibility and open accountability allowed for adjustments to the research project during execution to ensure the research focused on areas of opportunity as they were uncovered. The Trade Interviews that followed Intralink’s research were an invaluable insight and a source of good ‘first-hand’ information, as well as providing alternative long term contacts for future business development. Reports were delivered on time and in a well structured format, making for simple internal communication within WD-40. Intralink even provided a local presentation to our Distribution Partners to complete the project, which added value to their already very comprehensive service.

Philip Tweed

Regional Director Asia

Intralink’s UK team provided us with a wealth of personal experience and advice with respect to setting up a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China, managing our Chinese suppliers and recruiting a local technical support person. Intralink’s guys, all of whom speak fluent Mandarin, were able to give us guidance on employment costs and tax, and worked with Chinese recruitment companies to identify and short-list the best candidates. Intralink consistently provided Brigade with a highly professional and competent service and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any company that is thinking of working in China.

Philip Hanson-Abbott

Managing Director

You did an amazing job of both learning and presenting the technology (I can think of some former colleagues who didn’t understand it as well as you did!) and, very importantly, thank you for protecting us from the baijiu without offending our partners!

Phil Goodier


South Korea is a vital market for us, given its ambition to be a world leader in hydrogen and fuel cells. Doosan are clearly the ideal partner as the leader in this sector, and the Intralink team have done an amazing job in making this partnership possible. I’ve particularly valued their commercial acumen and their understanding of how to do business in Korea. We’ve worked closely together for four years now and are looking forward to continuing into the future.

Phil Caldwell


Despite JDSU having a long term presence and an experienced team in Japan, Intralink were able to contribute to and complement our own coverage resulting in quick success.

Peter Hogewoning


“We’re proud to be opening our own Chinese operation – and grateful to Intralink for having helped us to develop our business in China to make this possible. Over the last three years, they’ve demonstrated excellent market knowledge and local relationships. And they’ve operated as a highly professional team – despite all the upheaval COVID-19 has brought to the challenge of international growth.”

Pau Vila


Over the last four years we have worked with Intralink on projects in the UK, Japan and Hong Kong. They have always delivered.

Patrick Dunne


In order to support the deployment of our offering across various markets, AREVA H2Gen appointed Intralink to support us in exploring business opportunities in South Korea. The contact and coordination took place via the Headquarters located in UK, who identified properly our needs. The team located in Seoul worked in a very professional way to set up a prospecting plan over a defined period of time, perfectly suited to our expectations.

After a series of meetings and interviews over a number of visits to Korea, we were able to judge the appropriateness of taking a step further in order to further expand our activity in the market. Intralink introduced us to prospects in our sector of activity, using its base of contacts, sector experience and solid reputation. We are really satisfied with the services of Intralink and strongly advise companies wishing to invest in a prospective approach in Asia to use its services. Without Intralink this would not have been possible for us to step into the South Korea market in such a short timeframe.

Olivier Sins

Sales Director, Asia Pacific

I was really impressed with the professional conduct of the team. You did an excellent job investigating and reporting on something you don’t come across every day.

Monika Felten


We appointed Intralink to help us grow sales in China, South Korea and Japan. We are now able to access teams that we were totally blocked from in the past through Intralink’s local talent bridging the divide.

Mohammad Musa


I have done quite a few similar trips in a large number of different markets, but the amount of interest and the quality of the meetings you were able to get was truly impressive. Your understanding of our technology and language skills also added immeasurable value to the meetings.

Mike Lodge

VP Sales

We employed Intralink to help us better understand and penetrate the market in Japan. Intralink devised a marketing plan, which involved a market audit followed by face to face meetings with identified potential customers. The whole process was professionally coordinated and managed by the team in Japan, supported from their offices in the UK. Intralink acted as an extension of our sales and marketing team. They were committed to the success of our product launch in Japan and I would have no hesitation in recommending them or their unique approach to developing business in Japan.

Mike Lewsey

Director International Sales

Intralink secured us considerable commercial success within an impressively short space of time. We’re now striking out on our own in Japan and couldn’t have got here without them.

Mihkel Jäätma


As Avecia Biocides [now Arch Chemicals], we have been present in Japan for a long time, but have found the pressures of day-to-day business constraining to our ability to develop new markets. We were very impressed by Intralink's capacity to grasp the technical and commercial implications of our new ideas, and to evaluate quickly their market potential, together with generating true customer leads.

Our presence in China is smaller and more recent, so we turned to Intralink on the back of our Japanese experience and have again been very impressed by the speed, depth and quality of the work which has been done for us in market evaluation of our product concept.

Martin Howden

Vice President

If you ever need to start or expand your business in Japan and need some help - give Intralink a call. Their unique blend of commercial capability, linguistic and cultural skills and wide contact network allows businesses to make substantially more progress more quickly in Japan - they certainly did for us.

Mark Sykes

Director New Partners

Intralink have proved to be the best thing that has happened for us in terms of gaining credibility and profile for our business in Japan. Entering the Japanese market is a challenge for any western company and Intralink have proved that they have the commitment and knowledge of Japanese business to build long term success. Thanks guys!

Mark Perry

Sales Director

From day one, the team at Intralink hit the ground running exposing their extensive network of existing contacts to our products and technology. This rapidly led to numerous commercial meetings and discussions, all of which were conducted flawlessly by the regional teams involved. Based around their solid technical understanding and fluent linguistics, Intralink were able to develop a friendly professional client rapport that significantly aided open discussions towards the markets, technology and commercial opportunity, ultimately saving Covesion considerable time and money.

Mark Middleton


For entry into the Chinese market, look before you leap. Use Intralink as your binoculars. They are both commercially and culturally astute, and most importantly they are there. We turned to Intralink to help source an in-country distribution partner for the Chinese market having previously struggled to make any progress over an 18 month period. Six months later the partner has been sourced, negotiations completed, contracts signed, deal done.

Mark McCusker


We appointed Intralink to support Sigfox business development activities in Japan with the objective of identifying and selecting a Sigfox Network Operator partner. Over 18 months we have been working closely, almost daily, with the Intralink team carrying out due diligence activities, field testing support, go-to-market discussions and commercial negotiations. We are extremely pleased to have completed successfully this undertaking with the appointment of Kyocera Communications Systems as the exclusive Sigfox Network Operator in Japan.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Intralink team, which has been extremely professional, experienced, and well rounded to do business in Japan as well as being great communicators (English and Japanese). The project team was well resourced with strong and hands on committed individuals supporting the engagement on a broad range of subjects including legal, regulatory, technical, operational or commercial matters. Last the Intralink team was always extremely responsive, flexible and proactive in allocating resources and managing priorities efficiently to support this extremely demanding engagement. We always saw the Intralink team as an integral extension of our team allowing an efficient support in Japan during the course of this long engagement.

We certainly warmly recommend Intralink to ICT companies looking for assistance to enter the Japan market, before recruiting a local team.

Marc Olivier

VP Operators & Networks, APAC

Intralink provided excellent market insight in both China and Japan, without which we would not have been able to make key business decisions.

Leon Rudd

Commercial & Strategy Director

B Braun Hospicare has worked with the Intralink team for evaluation of the Chinese market. Intralink produced a thorough, honest and complete report which was an invaluable aid to this company when evaluating the opportunity. We would recommend this company without hesitation.

Lawrence Storey


Telaria worked with Intralink over a 12 month period as part of our business analysis of the video advertising market in Japan. They led a thorough investigation, provided clear and comprehensive analysis, and communicated their findings professionally, clearly and comprehensively throughout. We would have no hesitation in recommending Intralink to other businesses.

Juliette Stead

Senior Vice President, Head of JAPAC

Owen Mumford has worked with Intralink in China, Japan and Taiwan, engaging on projects that cross our branded and OEM business activities. We have found Intralink to be a strong strategic partner for us, with the ability to challenge our thinking at the briefing stage and then deliver against the required brief. They have formed excellent relationships across our teams both in the UK and in the market and we would recommend them for both the quality of their people and their analysis.

Judith Charles

Sales and Marketing Director

The guys at Intralink have been driving some serious business for us over the past couple months, knocking down doors at companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, etc. and making sure that all of the major CE companies out there know about DivX and our value proposition. They really have been able to pick up our business model and pitch and run with it quicker than anyone could have hoped for with limited hand holding needed from DivX HQ. Overall, these guys have proven an extremely valuable addition to our company that has had a direct impact on all of our business lines.

Jordan Greenhall


Korea is a vital market for us and we need the right expertise to accelerate our market launch of Ascend in the region. We appointed Intralink because of its long track record of launching disruptive, revenue generating technology products into Asian markets, and its ability to reach into key prospects and partners at the highest levels. With Intralink’s powerful brand recognition and strong customer relationships we are on the right trajectory for significant growth in Korea.

Jonathan Epstein

Senior Vice President of International

Intralink provided IDBS with excellent service during our time working together. They were professional, efficient and always responsive and supportive to our needs. Their expertise and understanding of our business needs combined with with their local knowledge and language skills, made them an excellent partner to work with.

Jon Waterman-Smith

Sales Director APAC

Intralink is run from the UK but all the Directors have significant experience living and working in Asia-Pacific and in China and Japan in particular. They have 55 people operating in these territories in the main technology sectors and the differentiators for me are that, whilst their operating people all live in the territories, know the local language and almost always have a technical background, they have an English-speaking business understanding and fully understand the commercial objectives of western companies.

In our dealings with them they assessed the market comprehensively and contacted north of 50 companies within 2 months and provided top quality documentation, analysis and reports alongside a weekly telecom. They delivered a Rolls Royce, high class report. It included a professional market analysis, an in-depth assessment of what is happening in the market, and a clear forecast of our near/mid term revenue prospects – great job.

John Nicholson


Dyson has worked in partnership with Intralink in China to glean valuable insight into both the B2B and consumer appliance markets. Intralink have developed an excellent understanding of Dyson and its remarkable success story. Intralink's approach is impressively thorough, very professional and documented and presented in such a way as to be very accessible and actionable. We look forward to collaborating on future projects.

Jocelyn Stuart-Grumbar

Managing Director, China

Intralink was a key ingredient for entering the Chinese market. They are a team of top professionals and thanks to their intimate knowledge of the space, they were able to quickly understand both the product and target market. They undertook the work in a proactive, focused and timely manner and were a pleasure to work with.

Joan Raventos


For a number of reasons, we decided to buy out the shares of our Chinese JV partner to create a wholly-owned subsidiary company situated in Hubei province. Negotiations were difficult and made worse by the cultural and language barriers. Employing Intralink at that point caused a significant shift in the dynamics of the negotiations in that they were able to communicate directly with the chairman of the Chinese company from a business perspective. This removed the emotion which inevitably dominated the largely face-to-face meetings conducted, up to then, through interpreters. Acting in this way, Intralink were also able to smooth out the cultural difficulties. After successful conclusion of the share purchase Intralink have assisted with recruitment and early-stage marketing activities.

Jim Paul

Managing Director

Thank you so much for this comprehensive report - we appreciate its thoroughness and the insights included. There’s a great deal of useful information here that only an expert like you would know.

Jim Lee

GM, Tool Gauge – Washington State trade mission participant

Intralink took the time to understand our business and operated diligently, professionally and timely throughout our acquisition project. It quickly became evident they would make a significant contribution to our business in Korea and we would not hesitate to use their services again. They‘re a highly polished organization and I would recommend them as an Asian business partner.

Jim Hamilton

General Manager

The Intralink team has provided exceptional support for our collaboration with the National Cancer Center and Ono Pharma. Their dedication, guidance and expertise were instrumental in securing this groundbreaking partnership, while their deep understanding of Asian business cultures and ability to bridge the gap between industries propelled us towards success. They’re an indispensable partner and we look forward to further commercial ventures in Asia together.

Howard Pan

Director of Business Development

Intralink’s China team delivered us the right contacts at the companies we’ve been trying to meet for years. Their devotion to understanding our technology was key, and we were provided with excellent documentation for each meeting and given a deep insight into the market. From day one, Intralink was ready to work as an extension of our team.

Henney Oh


The work that your team in China has done for us over the last few years has been exemplary – both Richard and I have been consistently impressed with the capability, efficiency and professionalism of the Intralink team.

Gordon Aspin


Allen & Heath employed Intralink to investigate specific business opportunities in China and report fully on these interests. Intralink's knowledge and expertise in China ensured all projects undertaken were completed in a timely and professional manner. The services provided by Intralink were invaluable to our strategic decision-making process regarding supply chain management.

Glenn Rogers

Managing Director

Intralink’s understanding of the market and ability to bridge the linguistic and cultural gap was a critical ingredient for us to expand into Asia. The warmth and commitment of the team has made this an easy and enjoyable project and we are delighted with the result.

Glenn Granger


Brilliant job as always! The market insight, cultural understanding and language skills Intralink offer have helped us increase Eggplant’s reach and sales in China and Japan. We look forward to further growth as we continue to promote the Eggplant product range in both regions.

George Mackintosh


Intralink has been instrumental in driving business value, quickly positioning us as leaders in Japan’s high-tech industry. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with them as we rapidly expand and strengthen our presence in Japan.

Frederic Bastien


You have a very strong team in Korea. Professional and Passionate. The ability to quickly understand innovative technology and articulate the engagement plan with our Korean customers and partners. Thank you.

Eric Sele


It was great working with your team in Japan. They were able to set up meetings with the right potential customers and facilitate sales presentations and discussions. Their solid grasp of the value of our technology, ability to articulate complex concepts in both Japanese and English and general understanding of the sales process helped immensely to sort out the needs and requirements of potential clients. I really enjoyed working with them.

Dr Paul Diehl


We used Intralink and found them to be extremely effective. I was impressed with how quickly they understood our proposition and targeted the right people in our target companies. We also have used them to help us with supplier negotiations and again we were very happy with the service they provided. For me, the benefit of having "Brits" on the other end of the phone so we only had to deal with the distance and time difference and not the culture and language barriers was invaluable.

Dr John Mills


Intralink assisted us greatly in identifying and engaging with potential customers in Korea. Their Seoul team were professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and quickly familiarized themselves with our business. The organizations we met were clearly reassured by Intralink’s local presence and strong language skills. For us it was – at all times – a pleasure dealing with Intralink.

Dr Eric Munro


We are working together with Intralink on both a business development project and a special project related to one of our major customers in China. Intralink solved a critical issue for us and settled the relationship. Therefore, I would like to thank the Intralink team in China very, very much for all your ideas, your effort and this great success! Without you, this critical project result would never have happened! We look forward to further developments in the Chinese market with your help.

Dr Cornelia Haenel

Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances

Thank you for your work on the report, this was exactly what we were looking for and will set us up well to make decisions about which markets to prioritize in Asia.

Doyle Gavin

Head of Strategy and Corporate Development

As a specialised in vitro diagnostics company, we had been trading successfully in Japan for well over a decade through a trusted distributor. Recently we found ourselves needing an independent market review and opportunity assessment. Intralink quickly understood our complex requirements, and produced a proposal to address our needs. This was executed with specialist training and regular update calls to ensure the project stayed on track. The final report provided us with exactly what we had asked for, which considering the niche area of our business was highly impressive.

Intralink showed a capacity to bridge the language, understanding and culture gap between the UK and Japan that meant the most complex requirements could be delivered in a timely and professional manner. Intralink impressed so much, we have already extended our initial engagement.

Dieter Feger

Commercial Director

Intralink's local teams are the ideal solution for the business development needs of a company like ours that is relatively new to the Asian markets. They were quick to understand our technology, were extremely professional and thorough, and provided introductions at the right level of seniority within properly qualified targets. But they are not just door openers – within a short space of time they facilitated the securing of a significant deal which we believe will underpin the growth of our business both in Asia and the global market.

Denis Bidinost


We found the whole process in Japan with Intralink extremely helpful and worthwhile and would not hesitate to re-engage in the future.

David Clancy

Chief Technology Officer

Intralink has provided Business Development services for our Vascular Franchise in multiple markets in Asia. We have found the team to be comprehensive in their research and they have helped us to make relevant new in-market connections that have underpinned our Market Assessment process. The team is highly responsive and their final reports have been insightful, well-structured and with the requisite level of detail.

Dave McMahon

Commercial Leader, Biocompatibles UK Ltd (a BTG International Group Company)

At the end of our latest visit to Korea, I’d like to thank Intralink for the exceptional job you have done building our profile locally and setting up a busy and comprehensive schedule of visits with current and potential partners. Please pass on my special thanks to the team for the progress on, and imminent completion of, key orders for Paragraf’s graphene Hall effect sensors and MiST (Multi-Sensor Test) kit with two major Korean electronics companies. Thank you and we look forward to our future discussions and next visit.

Dan Barlow

Sales Director

We know Japan is a complex market and recognised that, to find the best possible partner, we needed local expertise. Intralink not only helped us find the ideal retail partner but, through their market insights and cultural understanding, guided us all the way to contract signing. Without Intralink, there would have been no deal.

Claus Nielsen

Head of International Business

Firstly, Intralink enabled us to have an immediate physical presence in Korea, at exactly the time we needed it. In less than a week we had started sales activities, and this proactivity and flexibility was a clear demonstration of the commitment of the team. I particularly appreciate Intralink's methodology and consistency: an initial learning phase followed by a three month report and regular conference calls. Every meeting is precisely documented and next steps are consistently proposed. This allowed us to be in control of the sales process right from the beginning.

One unique strength of Intralink lies in their people: an in-depth understanding of Korean culture and a highly proactive attitude. Working as a team means they have many years combined experience of the Asian markets enabling us to analyze precisely the status of each opportunity and define next steps accordingly. All in all, Intralink supports and drives our sales activities with high ethics and commitment, from lead generation right through to deal closure.

Claude Seyrat

VP Marketing & Strategy

Intralink has been a dependable partner for the entire embassy, bringing exceptional project execution skills to complex research challenges. Over the past six years, they have managed quite a number of projects for us including market intelligence reports, trade missions, B2B arrangements, research services, high-level in person meetings, in-depth regulatory analysis and more. Our relationship has become highly valuable.

Cindy Kim

Head of Trade, British Embassy Seoul

ConceptoMed have worked with Intralink in Japan and China, investigating opportunities for our smart medtech devices, signposting the regulatory requirements and seeking out financial, marketing and manufacturing partners. They have been outstanding guides to the region during our visits, with a really thoughtful approach and fantastic attention to detail. We strongly recommend them!

Christian Mide


Since Intralink came on board, things have changed dramatically. They’ve helped us revive an important existing customer relationship and win us significant new business deals – and all without our having made a single trip to China.

Christian Fischer-Rasokat

Head of Business Development

Entering into a strategic partnership with a major player is an important milestone for us and gives us access not only to Japan but also to the wider Asia-Pacific market. Intralink has been instrumental in securing this deal for us – they have provided us with a physical presence on the ground while sharing their in-depth commercial know how and helping us navigate the linguistic and cultural protocols.

Chris Wyres


Thanks to you and the rest of the Intralink team for enabling us to find the best distributor in Korea – and for all your advice on achieving a smooth transition to them. It’s been invaluable to be able to tap into your expertise in the Korean market and to have had a team on the ground with such a can-do attitude.

Chris Potts

Executive Chairman

Intralink’s knowledge of the Korean space industry is second to none. Their market intelligence report evidenced a deep understanding of commercial trends, policy developments and an extensive network within Korea. Their professionalism, dedication and attention to detail were impressive, and I’d have no difficulty in recommending Intralink to others.

British Embassy Seoul

Head of Investment

Intralink assisted in navigating regulatory approvals and finalised a highly successful 10 year licensing and distribution agreement in Japan which resulted in our products achieving market leadership in their sector. It is a testimony to Intralink's understanding of both East and West that our Japanese partners are now using Intralink's services for the development of their European and American business.

Bob Bennett

General Manager, Maersk Medical

We've been working with Intralink in Japan for two and a half years and in China for six months. We value their tenacity, professionalism, and not at least the consistency. We are seeing good results out of Japan, and whilst the early signs in China are positive, it's early days. When we first started to work with Intralink in Japan we greatly benefitted from their methodical, almost consulting-style analysis which led into a well-structured business development effort. My previous experiences of setting up local sales offices in Japan and China has been very hit and miss, and recruiting locals is a tricky business to get right. Intralink's business model overcomes many of the issues I've faced in the past.

Working with Intralink has helped us build good long-term relationships in Japan, as good as we could ever have done ourselves. I'll give them full marks on both business development and account management, which is rare even for any in house sales team.

Bjorn Krylander

Managing Director

Thank you for your hard work and effort in helping Sengenics break into the Korea market. It's been a pleasure working with your Korea office - they're a great team!

Bermet Abylova

Head of APAC & ME

Intralink has been instrumental in helping KAL build a powerful presence in Japan for Automated Teller Machine (ATM) software. Their keen sense of business customs and local culture, coupled with an incredible capacity for understanding what is a niche sector in such a short time, has been absolutely invaluable to us as we successfully entered the Japanese market. We are very pleased with Intralink's work and will continue to make use of their services in the future.

Aravinda Korala


Intralink provided a thorough review of the opportunity for a new technology in the Japanese agricultural market. They quickly gained a good understanding of the benefits and issues and canvassed a wide range of relevant opinions. They are very professional and efficient.

Ann Kramer

Head of Business Development

Atraverda works with Intralink in both Japan and China to accelerate the adoption of our proprietary battery technology. The local teams quickly understood the benefits of our unique energy storage solution and identified potential partners following exhaustive market research. We are delighted with Intralink’s commercial approach, they are great people to work with and have no hesitation in recommending them to companies looking for a presence in Asia.

Andrew Loyns


We’ve been really impressed with the quality of Intralink’s deeply-embedded local teams and their ability not only to scope and quantify opportunities for foreign businesses and to develop penetration in defined industry sectors, but also to deliver sophisticated and detailed prospect engagement plans.

Andrew Blazye

President, International Corporate Development

The experience of working with Intralink has been excellent. They have been a model of professionalism and I would have no hesitation to use them again.

Amantys Limited

The report was fantastic! Thank you for your efforts in analyzing the market and getting us in front of potential partners in Korea. I think your Routes to Market analysis was spot-on, as well as your competitor analysis.

Adam Zawitkowski

TSRI – Washington State trade mission participant

We made tremendous progress with Intralink and this would not have been possible without the efforts of their China team. Their preparation and professionalism was reflected in all aspects of our meetings with potential customers and partners.

Abe Eshkenazi


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