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Intellectual Property

Looking to monetise your IP in Asia? Want to buy, sell or license patents? Or perhaps you’d like to offer your IP services, management software or analytical tools to the major corporates in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan?

We have worked with IP service providers and the owners of IP assets across a range of sectors to develop and execute commercialisation strategies. We have senior relationships within the IP and licensing groups at all the major corporates in Asia and a strong track record of securing deals and delivering successful outcomes.

If you'd like to discuss how we could help build your business in the region, please get in touch:

Intellectual Property

Europe: Greg Sutch |    |  |  +44 (0)7887 782 223

North America: Alan Mockridge  |    |  |  +1 (408) 307 7572

"By working with Intralink, we concluded licence agreements with NTT, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Oki and NEC."

Colin Hunsley – Director Commercialisation, BTG Plc

Client stories

Technology:Telecom and CE patents
Objective:Forge commercial agreements while avoiding litigation
Targets:Tier-1 electronics OEMs in Japan
Results:Multi-million dollar licensing agreements

UK-based patent owner, BTG Plc, appointed us to manage its licensing programmes in Asia - engaging targets and concluding non-litigious commercial agreements.

We needed to cultivate personal relationships while understanding the decision making process and moving discussions forward towards agreement.

Over several years, we concluded paid-up licence agreements worth many millions of dollars with some of Japan’s best-known companies including NTT, Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC.

Patent owner

"These are significant patent licensing deals, and Intralink exposed us to key customer contacts in the Japanese tech sector."

Steve Callister – COO, Ploughshare Innovations

Our Clients

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