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Southeast Asia

We help Singapore-based businesses – Singaporean companies and the APAC HQs of western firms alike – grow in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan​.

We also support western companies with business expansion in Singapore and its southeast Asian neighbours.

With a population of 660 million, southeast Asia has nearly 10% of the world’s population – and Singapore acts as a gateway to the region.

Southeast Asia's rapidly developing infrastructure, tech savvy workforce and rising middle class make it a highly attractive commercial market.

Southeast Asia

Our primary focus is helping tech firms grow in the region's six biggest economies: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

These ‘ASEAN-6’ countries are intensively investing in digitisation and the fintech, healthcare, agtech and edtech fields – and they’ve generated 21 unicorns in the last two years alone.

We can help you grow in these countries by developing sales channels into your target markets.

First, we’ll help you understand the commercial opportunities and regulatory environments of the region and prioritise the most interesting markets for your business.

Then we’ll identify potential partners for you, shortlisting and enabling you to negotiate agreements with and onboard the most suitable candidates.

Get in touch to find out how our team can help drive your international expansion.

"This was exactly what we were looking for and will set us up well to make decisions about which markets to prioritise in Asia."

Doyle Gavin – Head of Corporate Development, Boost Biomes

The Southeast Asia Market

SEA Market

Client Stories

Technology:Microbiome for food & agriculture
Objectives:Market prioritisation & regulatory assessment
Result:Comprehensive report with prioritised territories & next steps

Californian biotech startup Boost Biomes engaged us to understand the opportunities, risks and regulatory requirements for its new products across APAC.

We undertook extensive research and then, to validate our findings, conducted interviews with prospective regulatory agents, partners, industry experts and other stakeholders for our client.

Within two months, we had devised a practical APAC regulatory and expansion strategy for Boost Biome. This enabled the company quickly and efficiently to allocate resources to the most promising markets in the region.


Market opportunity reports

Some of our Connections

South East Asia & Singapore
South East Asia & Singapore

"Intralink demonstrates how to do everything right."

Will O'Toole –VP of APAC, Water Wipes

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