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Achieving net zero

Consultancies, like any other business, need to play their part in reducing global emissions. 

Since 2019, we have drastically reduced our amount of international travel, which is by far our largest source of carbon emissions. While the pandemic played its part in this transition, the results were astonishing and have set the standard for our current and future travel policies.

We've also redesigned our services to minimise their environmental impact while still delivering great value to our clients. By using our services, clients can substantially reduce their CO2 emissions when taking their businesses global.

Supported by our executive and employee sustainability committees, our Group Sustainability Officer sets our policy objectives and defines the initiatives to meet our carbon and waste reduction targets – for the company as a whole and for each individual office.

Read about our Sustainability Policy here.

Achieving net zero

Featured insights from our team

Expand your business, not your carbon footprint

Our Head of Marketing – Michal Waszkiewicz – explains how appointing Intralink not only accelerates clients' growth in Asia but also helps to reduce significantly their carbon footprint.

Carbon down, business up

Our Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy Shaw, discusses how COVID prompted Asian corporates to embrace (previously unthinkable) remote-based collaboration with overseas suppliers and partners – and how this is driving down emissions.

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