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Skills workshop library

Check out our library of workshops that can teach you how to navigate the Asia Pacific's complex business environment.

1) Your first steps into APAC: an interactive case study session

This beginner workshop will take you through the key decision-making junctures when picking the right time and place to approach customers and partners APAC, including expansion readiness indicators, dilemmas, startup 'X' factor and founder decision making.

We'll also put what we learn into practice by analysing real-life case studies of what others did – and why – in similar situations.

2) Navigating Asian business cultures - 2023

Even in today’s hyper-connected world, cultural faux pas are common – and can be detrimental to lasting business relationships. 

This workshop took an insider’s look at the lesser-known cultural touchstones you should be conscious of and sensitive to when expanding in APAC. 

3) How to supercharge your business in APAC – from legal, tax and talent perspectives

This workshop details the practicalities of establishing and running a business in different APAC markets.

It features expert speakers from law firm Lewis Silkin and corporate & advisory service provider Acclime who specialise in supporting UK companies to expand into APAC with over 13,000 clients across the region. 

Recording coming soon.

4) Navigating Asian business cultures - 2021

This workshop provides insights into how to navigate East Asia’s lesser-known cultural quirks, from the influence of Confucianism and the value of personal connections to different communication tools, with additional commentary on making business work in a post-Pandemic world.


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