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FOODEX 2024: A window into Japan's food & beverage industry

FOODEX 2024: A window into Japan's food & beverage industry

How do you feel about replacing salmon in your sushi with insect protein? What are 'meal packs’? And why are convenience foods on the rise in Japan?

So asks our Tokyo-based food sector specialist Paula Dizon, who has just been to Japan’s premier food & beverage industry expo, FOODEX 2024.

Watch this 3-minute video to see our team representing our Lithuanian insect protein client Divaks at the show, and reporting on the wider trends in Japan’s food sector – with 2,300 companies from 70 countries present.  

Hear how Japanese eating habits are changing, why convenience meals are in vogue, how Japan heavily relies on imports, and the considerable opportunities these trends are presenting for international firms – many of which Japanese consumers are welcoming with open wallets. 



If you’d like to discuss the prospects for your food business in Japan, you can contact Paula at

See also Paula’s recent article about the rise of functional foods and health products in Japan.

Paula Dizon
About the Author

Paula Dizon

Paula is a Tokyo-based member of our Medtech & Life Sciences practice, helping western companies to expand in Japan. Fluent in Japanese, Filipino and English, she has a degree in Forensic Chemistry and a minor in Asian Studies with a concentration in Japanese language. She has lived and worked in Japan for almost a decade.

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