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FDI opportunities from Asia: Japan

FDI opportunities from Asia: Japan

Did you know Japan is the world’s second biggest overseas investor?  And that FDI from Japan rose by 10% last year to reach $160 billion?

You may have seen the recent article from Richard Lyle, our Global Head of Trade & Investment, highlighting the huge opportunity for economic development organisations (EDOs) in the Americas, Europe and Middle East to attract investment from Asia this year.

The first in a series of follow-up pieces, this 5-minute video now homes in on Japan. Our Tokyo-based FDI specialist, Heidi Salmela, explains the appetite amongst Japanese corporations for overseas investment, tells us where the hottest fields to target stand and gives EDOs tips on how to succeed in an often-challenging market.



If you’d like to discuss your potential to attract investment from Japan – or any other part of Asia – you can contact Heidi at

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