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Japan and Korea: unparalleled opportunities for British tech firms

Japan and Korea: unparalleled opportunities for British tech firms

Our CEO, Greg Sutch, has shared his thoughts on why the opportunities in Asia for western tech firms have never been greater - in an article for UK growth platform Tech Nation.

Japan and South Korea have been important markets for British tech companies for a long time, but why should you be thinking about them now? The simple answer is – because the opportunity has never been greater.

Both are top 10 global economies: Japan continues to be the world’s third largest economy, and South Korea, in 14th place ten years ago, is now ranked tenth. And while not unaffected by the pandemic, both have …

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Gregory  Sutch
About the Author

Gregory Sutch

CEO of Intralink, Greg joined the company in 1996, having previously been employed in local government in Japan and a marketing role for Japan Airlines. Fluent in Japanese and now based in the UK, he lived and worked in China and Japan for 15 years - having been instrumental in the set up and direction of our operations in these markets, as well as in Korea and Taiwan.

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