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Local firm drives auto business in China

Local firm drives auto business in China

Oxford, UK — Teconnex Limited, the Keighley-based manufacturer of clamps for the automotive and other industries, has today confirmed plans to open a manufacturing facility in Shanghai to meet growing demand for its products in the Chinese market.

A joint venture with China’s Funwick Manufacturing Co. Ltd, whose own product range complements that of Teconnex, was enabled by business development specialists Intralink. The strategic partnership will allow Teconnex to take full advantage of the increased demand created by the Intralink Surrogate Sales Program™ in China, now the world’s largest automotive market.

Initially exporting clamps from its UK factory, Teconnex has increased sales to the Chinese market to the extent that sales revenues and market opportunity now warrant investment into a production facility at Funwick’s main production site in Shanghai.

Intralink’s Surrogate Sales Program™, and its knowledgeable, Shanghai-based team of bilingual, native English speakers, has allowed Teconnex to benefit from a low risk route into the Chinese market, following a carefully implemented three-stage strategy, which puts at its heart thorough market analysis, validation of the commercial proposition and development of a sales pipeline. By acting as an extension of the Teconnex team, Intralink was able to establish a market presence for the company with the focus of, but not the inherent costs and risks associated with, a fully-fledged local operation.

The first stage of the Surrogate Sales Program™, looks at identifying opportunities, developing market entry strategy and estimation of potential revenue. The second stage incorporates implementation of the sales plan, building revenues by working through the sales cycle leading to closure of deals. The final stage, surrogate break-out, establishes a wholly owned entity for the company with recruitment of local staff and strategic partners.

Speaking of the success of the expansion into the Chinese market, Paul Sleaford, MD of Teconnex said: “We appointed Intralink to engage our target customers in China, to secure purchase commitments, and to facilitate the set-up of our Chinese manufacturing facility. They have delivered on all counts.” Gregory Sutch, CEO of Intralinks added: “We are very excited about the prospects for Teconnex in China. The deals with Funwick and their Chinese customers puts them in a strong position to capitalise on the opportunity in the world’s fastest growing car market”

Teconnex and Funwick will begin production in the autumn.

About Intralink Intralink develops and implements market access and business development strategies for technology and industrial companies targeting the key Asian markets of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Through its signature Surrogate Sales Program™, Intralink provides its clients with a low-risk, cost-effective and practical means to generate new and incremental revenues in these markets as an underpin towards establishing a permanent presence. Founded in 1990, Intralink is headquartered in the UK and has offices in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul.

About Teconnex Teconnex is a global supplier and manufacturer of specialised clamps and engineered Joint solutions, focused on supplying a diverse range of automotive and industrial markets worldwide with technically and commercially competitive products. Its customers use Teconnex parts on exhaust after-treatment, turbo, engine, filtration and aerospace; typically these are high temperature, high stress, and safety critical applications.

To support its growing international customer base Teconnex has two manufacturing locations, three engineering centres and sales representation in 10 locations around the world

Intralink Contact Alex Gover +44 20 8960 3817

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