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NTT DATA Launch Summer 2017 Contest

NTT DATA Launch Summer 2017 Contest

NTT DATA, a top 10 global IT services provider, has announced that it is now accepting applications for the fifth annual Open Innovation Contest.

This years' contest is focused on 22 distinct business challenges across a variety of themes, designed to foster the creation of ‘triple win’ business scenarios between start-ups, NTT DATA and its customers. NTT DATA is offering the winners:

- Extensive exposure across the NTT DATA Group

- A 3-month period of business development supported by a team of business consultants, with a view to running a proof of concept and then commercialising the technology in the Japanese market.

- The consideration of equity investment.

Many of Intralink’s clients are start-ups with technology expertise and solutions that would be eligible to enter the Open Innovation Contest. Intralink has been working closely with NTT DATA in order to identify leading global startups that have a strong fit with the business of NTT DATA, and its customers in the banking and financial industries.


The contest themes are:

Big Data
Propose/Collaborate on developing services built on MarkLogicServer leveraging various data formats

Propose collaboration methods to increase value-added service, expanding business for the No. 1 BPM platform in Japan

Digital Archive
Large content asset management and value creation in the sports & entertainment areas

Digital Marketing
Digital Commerce and payments, creating exciting shopping experiences

Collaborate on developing drone-related services

1. Collaborate on building new services for NTTD's standard banking application "BeSTA" and related business

2. Propose futuristic solutions on CAFIS (NTTD's general credit card payment system) to enrich people's lives

3. Business collaboration concerning Electronically Recorded Monetary Claims

4. Collaboration on a new personal authentification service at financial institutions

Healthcare Tech
Propose healthcare services leveraging health data to reach out to non-health conscious people

Insurance Tech
Soliciting technologies and devices to realise digital face-to-face communication

IoT (Internet of Things)
1. IoT platform services to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry

2. Collaboration on developing IoT environmental sensing solutions

3. Business collaboration to create new electricity-related services

Personal Data
Collaboration and proposals regarding personalised services through the utilisation of personal data

Artificial Intelligence
Proposals for collaboration on AI

Proposals for unconventional services that make our lives more convenient

Proposals for collaboration on blockchain

Financial Inclusion
Proposals for collaboration on financial inclusion

Proposals for collaboration on Regtech

Virtual remote office
Virtual remote office cloud


Deadline for applications

5th July. The contest will take place on 29th August in Tokyo.

Should your application be accepted, NTT DATA will cover return flights and a 2-night stay in Japan for one person per company.

Find out more and apply 

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