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Battery association charges Intralink with China growth

Battery association charges Intralink with China growth

The Soteria Battery Innovation Group has appointed us to drive its growth in China – a vital market for its safe lithium-ion battery technologies. 

Soteria is an industry association focused on developing and promoting lithium-ion batteries which eliminate the internal sparks that can cause fires and explosions. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, it has 31 members including NASA, Mercedes-Benz and Dupont. 

Its mission is to “ensure materials are available to every battery manufacturer … so every device, whether a hearing aid or an electric bus, has a battery that’s virtually impossible to self-ignite” – and to set worldwide standards for such batteries.

The organisation also has a sister company, Dreamweaver, which is pioneering safe, thermally-stable battery separators.

China is a vital market for Soteria because it's a centre of development and production of lithium-ion batteries. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the country represented a staggering 76% of all worldwide commissioned lithium-ion battery manufacturing capacity in the fourth quarter of last year. 

Our task is to help Soteria launch a chapter of its association in China, engaging potential members and encouraging them to license Soteria’s and Dreamweaver’s intellectual property. 

We’re also helping Soteria run an invitation-only meeting in Shanghai this summer, in partnership with specialist industry exhibition firm CNIBF. This will be for decision makers from up to 200 companies in the Chinese lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle (EV) fields. 

Brian Morin, Soteria CEO, says: “Intralink understood our business model right out of the gate. They have deep expertise in the energy storage and EV sectors and have moved quickly to engage targets for Soteria in China. We’re looking forward to Intralink’s help in founding our Soteria BIG China chapter and enabling Chinese EV and portable electronics makers to eliminate lithium-ion battery fires forever.”

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