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China and Korea sales drive for US 'Powered Clothing' inventor

China and Korea sales drive for US 'Powered Clothing' inventor

We’ve been appointed by Seismic – a California-based manufacturer of wearable robotics – to launch a long-term sales programme for the firm in China and South Korea.

Seismic’s programmable suits support wearers’ movements and provide extra strength when needed to reduce workplace injury, fatigue and improve safety. They mimic the biomechanics of the human body via discreet electromechanical ‘muscles’ driven by integrated sensors, actuators and software-controlled ligaments.

The firm is a spinoff from Silicon Valley-based SRI International - formerly Stanford Research Institute – where its technology was originally developed for military uses.

Our task is to target large companies in China and South Korea whose workers need to lift heavy objects, stand for long periods or undertake other repetitive movements. Our focus will be on manufacturers, construction firms, warehouses, delivery firms and hospitals.

Alongside a drive to secure initial customer orders, we’re also starting a search for manufacturers for Seismic’s suits and channel partners within each of the countries.

Seismic has already been active in Japan for a while, with Japanese companies Obayashi, Aspina and Toyoshima as customers and investment secured from Tokyo-based venture capital firm Global Brain.

Seismic’s management team has decided now’s the time to ramp up its Asia presence by entering the Chinese and Korean markets as well, as part of its global expansion programme.

We were approached to lead the charge in China and Korea by CEO Rob Palfreyman, who has hired us for Asia sales programmes twice before – when at the helm of tech firms Cambridge Positioning Systems and Sensewhere.

Rob Palfreyman explains: “I’ve been working with Intralink since 2000 and it was a natural decision to hire their stellar team for a third time to drive Seismic’s market entry in South Korea and China. With China’s booming economy and South Korea leading industrial automation, both regions present huge opportunities for Seismic’s wearable robotic products.

“Intralink has the right blend of local market knowledge, customer contacts and technical expertise to help us expand our sales activity. Their reach also extends to investor relations, which is a big plus. I’m excited to have Intralink at my side again to help Seismic establish its Powered Clothing as the standard for workplace safety in Asia.”

To discuss the opportunities in Asia for your business, contact Tommy Shiekman at

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