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China sales push for Israeli AV tech firm

China sales push for Israeli AV tech firm

We’re pleased that, the Israeli developer of an innovative connectivity platform for autonomous vehicle teleoperation, has appointed us to accelerate its sales in the fast-growing Chinese market.

"Autonomous vehicles are being developed throughout China, all requiring teleoperation for deployment,” says Alon Podhurst, CEO of “We’ve been working with OEMs and autonomous vehicle developers in China for some time. Now, thanks to the combination of our proven technology and Intralink's market knowledge, expertise and network, we’re better able to meet the growing market demand."

Daniel Kollar, Head of our Automotive & Mobility Practice, adds: "With the exponential growth of the AV market in China, teleoperation is a vital enabler of rapid, safe deployment. is an important addition to our client portfolio in AV technologies and we're extremely proud to have been appointed to run their sales programme in China."

Widespread deployment of AVs presents significant technological and regulatory challenges. Remote human supervision and intervention - or ‘teleoperation’ - is widely perceived as a critical building block in the development, testing and deployment of AVs. But cellular network performance limits the quality, continuity and latency of video transmission between vehicles and remote operators.'s technology incorporates patented cellular bonding and dynamic video encoding to solve this problem, providing the network performance levels needed.

To discuss the opportunities in Asia’s automotive sector, contact Tommy Shiekman at

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