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Samsung deal for German IP intelligence company

Samsung deal for German IP intelligence company

We’re pleased to have secured a licensing agreement with Samsung Electronics for German Intellectual Property intelligence company IPlytics — in an extremely fast turnaround deal.

We’ve been working for IPlytics in Korea driving sales of the company’s IP intelligence tool, IPlytics Platform. 

Founded in Berlin in 2012, IPlytics is an innovative software company led by a team of economists, computer scientists and engineers. Its tool helps companies analyse technology trends, market developments and the competitive landscape by integrating diverse IP databases such as worldwide patent filings, patent transfer and litigation as well as standard essential patents. It provides information in a highly graphic, intuitive format to drive decision making. 

Our teams in Seoul and Tokyo have been working intensively on IPlytics’ behalf, targeting major companies in the telecoms, automotive and chemical sectors — for which effective IP management is vital. 

Samsung is one the world’s biggest IP owners — holding 335,000 patents, with applications for 462,601 more pending — so was right at the top of our list of prospects.

We showed Samsung’s executives in Seoul how IPlytics’ tool could help them monitor developments in the global telecoms market as well as manage their own complex IP portfolio. We arranged an extended trial for them to experience the tool’s capabilities and answered their technical questions. 

Impressed by its performance in addressing every task they could think of, Samsung has now bought multiple licences for IPlytics Platform to help manage the corporation’s work to pioneer 5G developments. 

Tim Pohlmann, CEO of IPlytics, comments: 

“Securing a licence deal with Samsung is an important milestone in our programme to expand in Korea. And the Intralink team’s role in this has been invaluable. They’ve brought deep experience of the market and local business culture as well as excellent language skills. They’ve proven their ability to develop relationships with the right people in the right companies. We’re looking forward to building on Samsung’s adoption of our IP tool with more deals in Korea to follow.”

Meanwhile, we’re running trials for IPlytics with several other corporations and will continue targeting additional large Korean and Japanese companies – especially in the telecoms and automotive fields. 

This project builds on our specialism in intellectual property issues and tools in East Asia. 

If we can help you in the IP field in Korea, Japan, China or Taiwan, please get in touch with Greg Sutch at

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