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Korean hospital partnership for US precision medicine client

Korean hospital partnership for US precision medicine client

Congratulations to our healthcare client, Syapse, and to our team in Seoul, for striking a partnership with South Korea’s Ajou University Hospital. It’s wonderful to see everyone’s hard work pay off.

Syapse, a San Francisco-based real-world data company, accelerates the delivery of precision medicine by bringing the value of real-world data to improve patient outcomes.

Ajou University Hospital serves more than 6,300 new patients annually across 10 cancer centers. It’s the first academic hospital in Korea to establish a hospital information department and has selected Syapse to advance its leadership in the use of robust, data-driven precision medicine.

“We’ll build an international partnership with Syapse and other health systems in precision medicine to improve the quality of cancer treatment for patients today, while contributing to the long-term development of precision medicine in Korea for future patients,” said Sang-Uk Han MD, Director of Ajou University Hospital.

Hats off to Syapse and our Korea team who worked hard over many months to engage South Korea’s top 10 hospitals - with this partnership a rewarding result.

Hyejun Lee MD, Director of Syapse, comments: "Intralink has been a great partner in helping Syapse expand our footprint in Korea. They made inroads for us early in the process of establishing our partnership with Ajou University Hospital."

Syapse and Ajou University Hospital will now work closely together to create a data sharing network, undertake R&D and develop a precision medicine platform to provide the hospital’s patients with customised diagnosis and world-class cancer care.

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