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Landmark Korean deal for digital media firm

Landmark Korean deal for digital media firm

We’ve secured a major sales deal in South Korea for digital audio and podcast tech firm Triton Digital – with well-known Korean broadcaster Christian Broadcasting System (CBS). This marks Triton Digital’s first break into the Korean market.

Headquartered in New York, Triton Digital provides cutting-edge audio, podcast and broadcast technologies globally.

Set up in 1954 as Korea’s first independent radio station, CBS today broadcasts via multiple channels, running a nationwide radio network and delivering TV programmes across Korea and other parts of East Asia.

The deal sees CBS adopting Triton Digital’s suite of podcasting, measurement and advertising systems to help it manage its advertising efforts, expand its audiences and maximise its revenues.

Our Seoul team first started a business development programme for Triton in February 2022, with a brief to build awareness within the Korean audio advertising ecosystem and secure deals with audio content publishers.

The team has engaged audio publishers and supported negotiations over the past year to expand Triton’s audio inventory in Korea, and this deal means the company now has access to CBS’ podcast inventory, which boasts 1.5 million weekly downloads.

Richard Palmer, VP of Market Development at Triton Digital, said: "We’re excited to be working with CBS to expand its ad business and provide programmatic ads for podcasts which are optimised for the best user experience.

“Intralink has enabled us to understand the market, identify and meet the most important stakeholders, navigate the cultural challenges and drive commercial success. We look forward to building on this first step to broaden our presence throughout the audio advertising ecosystem in Korea.”


This is far from the end of our business development programme for Triton Digital. The CBS deal cements its credibility in the Korean market, and we expect to see further contracts follow.


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