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Market intelligence report: China’s EV sector

Market intelligence report: China’s EV sector

Our latest market intelligence report – commissioned by Switzerland Global Enterprise – sheds light on the huge opportunities for Swiss tech firms in China’s electric vehicle (EV) sector.

China is home to the world’s biggest EV market and dominates many elements of the global industry’s ecosystem, including the core areas of vehicle and battery production. 

The country sold nearly seven million EVs last year – a four-fold increase on 2020. And, thanks in part to the Chinese government’s policies and incentives and its determination to decarbonise, this is set to double to almost 14 million vehicles by 2025.

Our report gives an overview of the sector and its major players. It pinpoints the biggest areas of opportunity. And it recommends the most effective ways for Swiss companies to gain a foothold and expand their presence in this vibrant market.  

You can download the report for free here – or by clicking on the image below. 









And see this part of our website for our full set of market intelligence reports, spanning many high-growth sectors across Asia.


If you’d like to discuss your opportunities in China’s EV sector, visit the website to contact Switzerland Global Enterprise’s China consultants, or get in touch with our Michal Witkowski at

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