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Energy harvesting innovator Trameto hires Intralink to expand in Asia

Energy harvesting innovator Trameto hires Intralink to expand in Asia

19 February, 2018 – Trameto, the UK-based company pioneering micro energy harvesting technology to reduce the need for batteries or wired power, is taking its innovative products to Asia. It has appointed international business development specialists Intralink to help it engage customers and partners in the region in response to significant interest, especially from Japan.

Trameto is developing power management devices which can simultaneously harvest energy from multiple sources such as indoor light, vibration and temperature changes. In IoT systems, this will enable manufacturers to overcome the battery replacement challenge and produce devices such as self-powered wireless sensors and wearables.

Trameto CEO Huw Davies said: “It is no surprise we’re seeing strong interest in our technology from manufacturers in the Far East. It’s important we engage early in the development cycle so we can optimise our devices to suit the needs of these globally-recognised innovators. Intralink have the experts on the ground, the local contacts and the sector expertise to make this happen for us.”

Greg Sutch, CEO of Intralink, said: “It’s rare to meet a company whose technology and value proposition are so utterly compelling. It has huge potential, especially in Asia where so many of the world’s leading manufacturers of connected devices are located. We’re very excited to be involved!”

About Trameto

Trameto is fabless semiconductor company whose products will enable the elimination of batteries from the many interconnected smart sensors and wireless devices which can communicate with each other in the Internet of Things. The company is addressing opportunities in markets such as infrastructure monitoring, asset tracking, smart agriculture, defence, wearables, healthcare and smart metering.

About Intralink

Intralink is an international business development consultancy with a deep specialism in East Asia. The company enables Western companies to expand in Asia by providing the in-country expertise to identify market opportunities, secure sales and drive business growth. With a 28-year track record and offices in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, America and the UK, Intralink makes international expansion fast, easy and cost effective.

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