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Swiss Government publishes our report on AI opportunities in Japan – download free here

Swiss Government publishes our report on AI opportunities in Japan – download free here

We’ve just completed a detailed examination for the Swiss Government of the opportunities in Japan for international companies specialising in artificial intelligence (AI). You can download this free here.

We’ve produced this report, entitled AI In Japan, for Switzerland Global Enterprise, the government body representing the country as a global business destination. 

Our analysis builds on our experience of helping western AI firms expand in East Asia. We’ve enabled IoT analytics company Mnubo to open its Japanese operation, helped Maluuba license its natural language recognition platform in China and represented AI and predictive analytics firms SpaceTime Insight, Tendril and Bidgely. We’re also helping US firm Sentient Technologies - a specialist in evolutionary computation and neuroevolution - expand its business in Korea.

The AI In Japan report explains how the Japanese government regards AI and robotics as core technologies to address the challenges of an ageing population, a shrinking workforce and competitive pressures from other parts of Asia. 

It outlines how Japan’s extensive know-how in hardware and the vast data generated by its manufacturing sector have created a favourable environment for AI. At the same time, conservative mindsets, an over-reliance on in-house R&D and a weakness in software development are hampering the country’s advancements in the field. 

This brings great opportunities for western firms as open innovation programmes take root in Japan and its corporations look overseas for new technologies and partnerships.

The report outlines the Japanese AI ecosystem, its main players, government initiatives and the major opportunities emerging in manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, digital healthcare, elderly care, financial services, agriculture, energy, security and disaster management. It also gives guidance on market entry strategies. 

Click here to download the full report from the Switzerland Global Enterprise website

If we can help you target the AI market in Japan, China, Korea or Taiwan, get in touch with Alex Gover at

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