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New Intralink offices open in France, Poland and USA

New Intralink offices open in France, Poland and USA

We’ve big plans for 2020 and have wasted no time by opening not one but three new Intralink offices – in France, Poland and Southern California.

It’s part of our strategy to extend our reach to locations where we can most effectively support western businesses that are keen to expand in East Asia – and help Asian corporations to collaborate with western innovators.

Our new Paris office covers France and Benelux, helping tech startups and scaleups there grow their business in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and collaborate with Asian companies.  

The office is led by Viktoria Novikova. A French, English, Russian and Japanese speaker, Viktoria was previously based in our Tokyo operation where she managed many projects for western companies entering Japan, particularly in the cleantech, artificial intelligence and analytics sectors. Before that, she worked for Japanese electronics giant Kyocera. 

Our new Polish office is in Poznan (pictured above) and will cover central and northern Europe – especially Poland, the ‘DACH’ region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), the Nordics and the Baltic states. It will enable ambitious tech firms there to achieve success in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and connect Asian corporations with startups in these countries.

It's led by Michal Witkowski. An English, Polish, Korean and German speaker, Michal has a strong track record in software, AI and medtech. He was previously based in our Seoul office, where he managed many projects for western companies entering Korea. 

Our new US office is based in Pasadena in greater Los Angeles — less than two miles from the world-renowned Caltech science and engineering institute. 

It will focus on enabling Southern Californian businesses in the medtech, life sciences, digital media and sustainability fields to expand in Asia – and Japanese corporations looking to collaborate with US pioneers in these fields. 

The office led by Kris Miller, an English, Japanese and German speaker with a background in biomedical engineering and Asian business. Kris studied neurophysiological signal processing at the University of California and has professional experience working for a startup in sensors and in vitro diagnostics, as well as a Japanese government agency.

The Los Angeles office joins our existing North American bases in Silicon Valley and Boston.

To find out how our new office teams could help you, contact:

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