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Korea sales programme for US robotic vision pioneer

Korea sales programme for US robotic vision pioneer

We’ve just kicked off a long-term sales programme for Philadelphia-based stereo vision system startup DreamVu, targeting South Korea’s booming robotics sector.

DreamVu develops omnidirectional 3D vision systems that provide 360-degree field of view with highly accurate depth information in every frame. These are invaluable for mobile robots such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), ‘cobots’ and disinfection robots.

The company’s cameras use a single CMOS sensor, which is lower cost than alternative stereo vision technologies while also delivering a much larger field of view. For example, the DreamVu vision systems can detect and locate people within a 10-metre radius with more than 99% accuracy and no false positives – both important for disinfection bots working within safety constraints.

DreamVu has identified South Korea as an important market for its continued global expansion, with a big opportunity to sell its systems to the country’s robotics manufacturers.

South Korea has the world’s highest density of industrial robots, at 855 per 10,000 workers and growing. The government is supporting the competitiveness of the sector through funding and deregulation, and the country’s burgeoning ecommerce sector has spawned huge fulfilment centres with voracious appetites for robots and automation systems.

The sales programme is being led by members of our Industrial & Materials Practice in Seoul, who are focusing on identifying immediate opportunities with autonomous robot manufacturers.

One company has already agreed to purchase a few units as the first stage of a long-term project, with several others, including two major Korean conglomerates, evaluating DreamVu’s technology.

Mark Davidson, Chief Revenue Officer for DreamVu, said: “Bringing our innovative 3D vision systems to South Korea was an obvious decision. The opportunity to engage the robotics companies in Korea with the world’s largest field-of-view stereo cameras is a win-win. Partnering with Intralink made this an easy step to take and we’re already seeing the benefits of both the Korean market and our partnership. Korea will be an important market for the foreseeable future.”   

To discuss the expansion opportunities for your business in Asia, contact:

  • Tommy Shiekman, Global Lead of our Industrial Practice, based in the US:   or +1 (215) 816 7567
  • Adeel Ahmad, Head of our Industrial Practice, based in Korea:                                  or +82 (0)10 9399 2604

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