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Launch of Asia Business Connect - first event 17 March

Launch of Asia Business Connect - first event 17 March

We’re pleased to introduce Asia Business Connect - a new community linking international businesses and experts to discuss all things Asia – with our inaugural event taking place on Wednesday 17 March. We hope you’ll join us.

Having helped clients succeed in East Asia for 30 years, we decided it’s time to share our – and our clients’ and partners’ – experience more broadly.

Over the coming months, we'll be holding a series of seminars, talks, panels and (before too long, we hope) dinners and get-togethers. 

And we’ll be taking a down-to-earth look at everything to do with business in Asia: from taking your first steps in new markets to negotiating a contract with a Korean chaebol, bowing to a Japanese corporation exec and building a long-term growth strategy. 


First webinar: Growing your business in Asia – how they did it 

9am – 10am GMT - Wednesday 17 March 2021


Held in conjunction with Department for International Trade and Santander Bank, this session will focus on stories - tales of entrepreneurs who set their sights on Asia, took the plunge, stumbled along the way but ultimately succeeded.

What obstacles did a Cambridge semicon startup face in breaking into China, and how did a landmark deal with the country’s largest chipmaker lead to its acquisition by Siemens? 

And what did a British fuel cell maker learn along the road to a lucrative contract in Korea that cemented its unicorn status?

Register here to find out.

With guest speakers/panelists: 

  • Rupert Baines, ex-CEO of semicon startup UltraSoC
  • Scott Reeves, Korea & Japan Specialist, Santander
  • Dennis Lin, China Specialist, Santander
  • Mike Welch, Director of Trade & Investment, DIT
  • Jonathan Cleave, MD of Intralink Korea
  • Gregory Sutch, CEO of Intralink Limited

Join us for what should prove some fascinating insights with a chance for a live Q&A. And don't forget to BYOCC (bring your own coffee and croissant).

We hope to see you there.



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