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Japanese & Korean sales programmes for US decarbonisation tech client

Japanese & Korean sales programmes for US decarbonisation tech client

We’re kicking off business development programmes to enable Utility Global’s innovative gas conversion technology to help decarbonise Japanese and South Korean heavy industry firms.

A global company based in Houston, Texas, Utility Global has a ground-breaking technology which helps industrial firms meet their sustainability and business goals by affordably reducing emissions, energy, waste and operational disruptions.

Utility’s proprietary eXEROTM platform effectively and efficiently converts a range of waste gases into valuable, high-purity streams – including H2 and CO – for reuse as energy, feedstock or fuel. The company offers several product lines for applications in steel, refining, petrochemicals, low-carbon ammonia and transportation.

Unlike other technologies which rely on renewable energy to be green, eXERO works with onsite waste gases to create reactions, so there’s no need for electricity.


Utility's pilot unit - the H2Gen™ system

Japan and South Korea stand out as high-growth markets for our new client’s technology as both have a sharp focus on transitioning from carbon-intensive fuels to circular hydrogen production as part of their sustainability programmes. In Japan, for example, CO2 from steel production alone accounts for 40% of the country’s industrial emissions – an issue the government is determined to tackle.

The situation is similar in South Korea, and Utility Global has already received investment from Samsung Ventures. But the company recognised the need for support on the ground in both markets to realise their full business potential.

Members of our Energy & Environment Practice in Tokyo and Seoul are getting straight to work, targeting companies in the steel, chemical, automotive and petroleum sectors.

We’ll be identifying the most suitable prospective customers for Utility and the decisions makers within them, making direct approaches, presenting our client’s technology, validating sales opportunities and supporting contract negotiations.


Utility's proprietary reactor tubes

Dillan Fernando, Chief Commercial Officer at Utility Global, said: “Heavy industry in Japan and Korea are important markets in our international growth plan – because they have a real and immediate need for our solutions coupled with a firm commitment to decarbonise. 

“It’s clear there are simply too many opportunities in these countries for us to target ourselves. We need skilled teams on the ground who are well connected with the Asian industrial corporations we need to talk to and can work autonomously to help get our business in Asia moving forward quickly. And that’s where Intralink comes in.”


To discuss the opportunities for your greentech business in Asia, please contact Chris Lee at

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