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Japanese expansion for British filtration innovator

Japanese expansion for British filtration innovator

We’ve started a business development initiative in Japan for Evove, a UK scaleup with a mission to “filter the unfilterable and separate the inseparable!”

Cheshire-based Evove - whose team you can see above - has invented a portfolio of precision membrane technologies that dramatically reduce the environmental impact and cost of liquid filtration, aiding sustainable water management and energy production.

The company’s technologies are suited to a wide range of scenarios where fluids need to be processed economically and sustainably. These include lithium extraction, green hydrogen generation, semiconductor manufacture, water desalination, wastewater treatment and food and beverage production.

Evove's Separonics® membrane

Founded in 2015, the firm is already active in Japan and has discussions under way in the country with several membrane producers, trading houses and potential partners.

Our Tokyo team’s role is to help drive these conversations forward towards commercial deals.

We’ll also be initiating discussions with additional companies in Japan’s industrial, water treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries – as well as amongst relevant government agencies. Our list of target organisations is long because the potential applications of Evove’s technology are so broad.

Our goal is to enhance the company’s market value by expanding its client and partner base in Japan, as well as to generate revenue from the country for our client.

We’re particularly focused on the huge potential for Evove’s technology to help decarbonise the extraction of lithium from geothermal waters, which is a vital and rapidly growing industry in Japan.

Evove is one of few companies in the world to facilitate ‘direct lithium extraction’ (DLE) – a sustainable process that cuts the time needed to obtain lithium from years or months to days or hours. It also dramatically increases the recovery rate of lithium, while greatly lowering its environmental impact.

Evove’s CEO Chris Wyres (pictured) brought us in, having previously been our client when he ran a digital printing company which we also helped to expand in Japan.

Chris said: “Japan’s commitment to sustainability and clean energy aligns perfectly with our technology, so it’s an obvious growth market for us to address.

“Having worked so well with Intralink before, it was an easy decision for me to return to them now. Their broad network, integrity and capability have always impressed me and I knew they’d be the best people to help us expand in Japan.”


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